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Sunnydaze Three-Tier Outdoor Water Fountain, Includes Electric Submersible Pump, 48 Inch Tall

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Sunnydaze Three-Tier Outdoor Water Fountain, Includes Electric Submersible Pump, 48 Inch Tall

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  • Dimensions: 48" H x 26" Diameter; 50 lbs; Recommended water capacity of 4 gallons
  • Material: Fiberglass
  • Includes: Fountain, and submersible electric pump
  • Store or cover before freezing weather occurs
  • 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty


This impressive outdoor fountain will add a relaxing air to any outdoor area, either as a centerpiece or as a complement to surrounding landscaping and features. This Three-Tier 48-Inch Outdoor Water Fountain is made a fiberglass material that's both lightweight and durable, allowing for easy setup and years of use. Water flows directly from the fruit top, gently cascading down each tier into the basin. The spin lock stability system secures each piece in place so it will remain sturdy even when it attracts wildlife guests.

No plumbing is needed for this outdoor fountain - just fill it with water and plug it into an electrical outlet, and the submersible electric pump will recirculate the water back to the top. It's simple, classic design will add charm to your garden or courtyard and will surely attract attention. A one-year warranty will let you enjoy your water fountain care-free, and as the official site of Sunnydaze Decor, we're able to offer free same-day shipping so you'll have your fountain ready for the spring.

*Color can vary slightly on each fountain. Lighting can be different indoors and outdoors, and there can also be differences in computer monitor lighting. Some fountains may appear darker because of the lighting in the area. Therefore, slight color variation is not a cause for return.

  • Overall dimensions: 48" H x 26" Diameter; Weighs 50 lbs.
  • Fountain is constructed of fiberglass.
  • Includes fountain and electric submersible Jebao PP-388 120V 0.195A 60Hz pump.
  • This fountain has a recommended water capacity of 4 gallons.
  • Features a spin-and-lock system that locks each piece in place to make assembly easier.
  • No plumbing is required for installation as the pump plugs into a standard electric outlet.
  • Sunnydaze Decor backs its products with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty for worry-free purchasing.
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