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Solar Fountains

Harness Nature’s Energy With A Solar Water Fountain For Your Garden

Solar Fountain Buyer's Guide

Harness nature’s most powerful energy sources, water and solar power, with solar garden fountains from Serenity Health. The flexibility of fountains free from electrical cords presents you with many options for the placement of your outdoor water fountains powered by solar energy. You can enjoy your new solar fountains with a clear conscience as they are an eco-friendly way to decorate your garden.

Solar water fountains will provide beautiful additions to any landscaping. Serenity Health has many beautifully styled solar fountains created from a variety of materials to choose from. With the solar panel (included), they run on pure solar energy with no need for electricity.

Solar powered fountains are wonderfully portable fountains that can be placed virtually anywhere in your outdoor living space. They normally come outfitted with a long solar cord that can be placed in the sun, while your fountain operates in a shady environment. This feature alone makes them the most versatile fountain on the market.

The great part about this new technology is that nearly any outdoor fountain can be adapted to run with solar power, by switching to a solar pump. The exception to this scenario would be if your fountain had halogen lighting. Nonetheless, LED lighting can be obtained for nearly any array. We stock a full line of pumps and solar panels, and can obtain nearly any part you require for your solar configuration.  Please note that most of the pumps we provide work directly from sunlight and do not store power in the same manner that solar lanterns do. Those that do have this ability are clearly noted as solar on demand pumps.

We also carries a variety of solar pumps and panels that can take just about outdoor garden fountain and transform it into an electricity-free solar fountain!

While you are transforming your garden into an eco-friendly living space, consider that your feathered friends will bask in the warmth of water that has been heated by the sun with our variety of solar birdbaths.

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