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Outdoor Fountains

Outdoor Water Features Add Character & Beauty To Your Garden, Yard, Or Patio

Outdoor Fountain Buyer's Guide

Outdoor Water Fountains: Reawaken Your Yard or Patio

Water fountains have been around since ancient times, when they provided a basic necessity: water for drinking and bathing. Over the centuries, fountains evolved from functional structures to decorative pieces. Modern outdoor fountains meet a different, but still important, need: peace and tranquility. At Serenity Health & Home Décor, we can help you create the perfect restful space with our exceptional inventory of outdoor garden fountains and outdoor patio fountains. Our experts will assist you in finding a yard fountain that turns your outdoor space into a happy space.

An outdoor water feature is sure to make the perfect addition to your landscaping or gardens. Find many unique garden fountains in various outdoor fountain and garden fountain styles in durable materials, such as resin, cast stone, fiberglass, copper, wood, slate and stainless steel. Your wallet will be even more restful with a solar fountain that costs nothing to run. Many of our fountains and accessories ship for free the day you order on top of our guaranteed low prices.

A high-quality but affordable outdoor water fountain will help you find peace and tranquility from your hectic life. We are known for carrying a wide selection of outdoor water features that offer beauty, grace and a relaxing aura. Fountains are nearly as old as civilization itself, and a backyard fountain from a skilled artisan will look fantastic in any residential or commercial space. Pick from outdoor waterfall fountains with water rushing downwards, or cascading and tiered fountains that offer a gentle flow. We have garden fountain, bird bath fountain and wall fountain styles in classic and contemporary styles. See below for more about our distinctive fountain styles.

Tiered Outdoor Fountains

It’s no surprise that many of our bestselling outdoor backyard fountains are tiered models. Classic three-tier water fountains can add a timeless European elegance to your garden, while stacked shale outdoor fountains recreate the kind of waterfalls you’d only find in the wilderness. Our large selection of tiered outdoor fountains makes it easy to find the perfect look to complete your outdoor space. You will see that there are many large water fountains for your home in this style. Up to 80" tall, they are the sure to impress and be the perfect focal point for your patio.

Outdoor Wall Fountains

Add some flair to any exterior wall or privacy fence with a beautifully-sculpted wall fountain. Because they are exceptionally lightweight, these outdoor fountains can be mounted on any wall, and are easy to move and reinstall if you decide to rearrange your space. Adding a water feature to your garden will truly add to the beauty and enjoyment of your outdoor space. Use one of our wall-mounted garden water features to complement your existing architecture and to liven up those plain-looking exterior walls on the front, back and sides of your home.

Outdoor Fairy Shell and Statuette Fountains

Constructed from resin or fiberglass, these statuettes range from whimsical depictions of children playing in the garden to religious garden statues — all with water elements that trickle and cascade. Also available are child-like figurines that sit atop fountains or among garden elements. Some are suitable for table top placement. The beautiful outdoor garden fountains of women and couples embracing one another and playing with their children are also part of this category. These 4' tall statues have hollow centers that enhance the sound of water moving. They are lightweight and will not crack during winter weather.

Is there a better way to add a touch of whimsy to your garden than with one of our Fairy Shell outdoor fountains? We don’t think so! A winged fairy perched on the edge of a clamshell will delight everyone who visits your home. Each outdoor fountain in our collection of fairy shells can be ordered with or without a pedestal, depending on your unique needs and placement vision.

Outdoor Lighted Fountains

Many of our outdoor backyard water features are equipped with LED lights that emit a soft glow after sunset. LEDs use very little energy and do not produce heat, making them perfect for extended or constant use. Light-up outdoor fountains can be enjoyed throughout the night and also provide a subtle glow that makes your garden, walkway or patio lit for safer enjoyment.

Find our most popular garden fountains in our bestsellers collection featuring all thelatest trends and top sellers from our inventory of outdoor backyard water features. Be sure to check out the beautiful, handcrafted cast stone outdoor fountains as they are perfect for a courtyard, garden, yard or patio. If you want something more mobile and easy to take down and clean, resin and fiberglass outdoor fountains are stylish and durable and offer many rock and waterfall styles. Our collection of natural looking rock waterfall fountains are made from lightweight, durable materials and offer pronounced water sounds and bring the perfect accent to your landscaping.

Garden outdoor fountains are the perfect embellishment for many areas of your garden or patio. Incorporating a garden fountain into your outdoor living environment will provide hours of relaxing pleasure and draw guests to their unique ambiance. This is especially true for these fountains that are made from diverse and exciting materials, in scenes and innovative designs that make them uniquely apropos to your discriminating tastes.

Ideas for Fountains: Why Have a Fountain for the Home or Office?

Water fountain features have many benefits other than adding beauty to your home, garden or place of business. An indoor outdoor water fountain aids in stress relief and relaxation, acts as a natural humidifier, improves air quality with negative ions and produces comforting water sounds that can drown out annoying sounds to calm and relax you.

Soothing and nostalgic water features provide hours of pleasure, whether inside your home, office or in the outdoors. Gazing at them provides opportunity for reflection. Listening to them evokes memories. Their gentle sounds of flowing water can help calm frazzled nerves.

There are countless ways to integrate a gorgeous outdoor fountain into your home. At Serenity Health, we've taken to the blog to explore the topic from a variety of angles in order to inform and inspire our visitors. Some of our favorite posts about fountains include: Express Yourself with FountainsThe Health Benefits of Fountains and The Synergy of Fire, Water, Wind and Earth Elements in your Garden. Take a look through our blog for even more great ideas on healthy living and backyard inspirations!

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