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Art Wall Fountains

Add Aesthetic Appeal To Your Home Or Office With An Elegant Art Water Fountain

If you’re a home or business owner who thinks of every wall not as a building’s vital support system but as a place to hang artwork, you’ll adore our art wall fountains. This selection includes one-of-a-kind wall-hanging water fountains that double as captivating works of art. We have art water fountains featuring exquisite hand-painted, mixed-media sculpture work, abstract carvings and more so that you can create a lively focal point that soothes and intrigues. With these unique wall fountains, artistic panels blend perfectly with gentle, trickling water.

Serenity Health has the ideal artistic wall fountain for your unique space, whether it is ultra-modern and minimalist or decadently detailed. We have contemporary art wall sculptures featuring hand-painted abstract artwork in peaceful shades of gold, purple, and blue. We also stock a lovely selection of stained glass wall fountains that bring rich color and light into your space. Explore interesting musical-themed fountains and wall sculptures featuring decadently textured natural stone and other multidimensional materials. Choose from commanding corner fountains, smaller hanging fountains and more.

Some of our best-selling wall art fountains include hand-painted fountains featuring depictions inspired by your favorite artists, from Picasso to Monet. These elegant painted masterpieces come in a variety of sizes to suit any space. We have a huge selection of American-made galaxy water fountains by Harvey Gallery that are made-to-order so that every single one is unique. Theses fountains are designed and hand-constructed by skilled artisans, and no two are exactly alike. If you like one of these styles but prefer a different size or shape, Serenity Health will work with the gallery to manufacture a custom art wall fountain for you.

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