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Woodstock Water Bell Fountain

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  • 16" Diameter x 7" High
  • Weight: approx. 11 lbs.
  • Within the basin, there are two floating brass chime bells that gently swirl around the other stationary brass chime bells, and when those two floating bells touch the others, they make deep soothing bell tones. Those tones, combined with the bubbling water sounds create the perfect relaxing environment.
  • Includes electric pump
  • The top bell chime is adjustable. By slightly turning it right or left, you can adjust the water flow and water sounds to match your mood. You can even adjust it so that the water spills over in such a way as to NOT move the bell chimes around. This changes the water flow (and water sounds), and it also eliminates the bell chime sounds if you are not in the mood for them. So, you have several options with the water flow, water sounds and bell chime sounds.
  • Can hold up to 1 1/2 gal of water.

Assembly Instructions

Product Description

This fountain combines flowing, babbling brook water sounds with the deep, mesmerizing tones of chimes and bells. Water bubbles up through the two center bells, spilling over into the pool in the beautiful copper basin.

This tabletop fountain's durable copper basin is brilliantly made, and goes through a special "firing" process to give it an aged patina look (as shown in the photo above). Additionally, a protective coating is applied to give the copper extra protection against weather elements, if you choose to use this fountain outdoors. If kept outdoors, it is possible that, over time, and especially in harsh weather environments, the protective coating can wear off. The worst that will happen, however, is that parts of the copper may get a greenish, antique tint called verdigris. This will not weaken the structure of the copper basin in any way, and it will not affect the workings of the Water Bell Fountain.

This is an excellent indoor water fountain for anywhere in your home, and a great outdoor fountain for your porch, deck, or garden area. It’s sure to be a huge hit at your next garden party.

Product Reviews

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  1. Purchased 2, one arrived in perfect condition, the other had a dented bowl and non-functional pump 3 Star Rating

    Posted by on Dec 20th 2015

    These fountains are beautiful! One arrived in perfect condition an worked beautifully. The second unit arrived with a dented bowl and a non-functional pump. The dented bowl, I can live with (I can turn it toward the wall), but the non-functional pump is an issue and I will be calling customer service for assistance to get a new pump and extension piece, which should solve the problem.

  2. I really like this fountain. It is easy … 5 Star Rating

    Posted by on Dec 14th 2013

    I really like this fountain. It is easy to assemble with minimal plastic. The brass bowl and bells sound beautiful. It is a terrific fountain for use indoor or out. I have mine inside and enjoy the gentle bubbling sound. The bells ring infrequently so it is a treat to hear them.

  3. Absolutely love the fountain...excellent… 5 Star Rating

    Posted by on May 21st 2013

    Absolutely love the fountain...excellent quality and the sound(s) are incredible. Delivery was much faster than I had expected...looking at ordering another soon...

  4. Ordering was easy and product arrived qu… 4 Star Rating

    Posted by on Feb 20th 2013

    Ordering was easy and product arrived quickly. The communication regarding my order was accurate and appreciated.
    I saw this fountain in a store and was pleased with the online price and free shipping.
    We had a bit of difficulty setting the fountain up and getting the bells to circulate correctly. Directions said to line up the base with the circles on the bottom of the copper bowl but they do not seem to match up. The wire takes some work to get it positioned so the bells do not get tripped up by them. However, we did get the issues resolved, we had a hummingbird plant pot perch and placed that over the edge where the wire comes in and it looks nice and keeps the wire in place. I still feel we need to work on it a bit more to get it balanced better so the motor will be quieter.
    We are pleased with the fountain and enjoy hearing the relaxing chime of the bells. They are actually a little louder than I expected and you can hear the ding of the bells from a few rooms away.

  5. Great little fountain. Bought it for the… 4 Star Rating

    Posted by on Jan 28th 2013

    Great little fountain. Bought it for the bells. Takes a little effort to position properly, get the cord out of the way. Nice little chimes. As soon as I get time, I hope to be able to enjoy it....there is probably a way to make the chimes a deeper tone but haven't had time to play with it.

  6. My good friend has a bell fountain so I … 5 Star Rating

    Posted by on Dec 31st 2012

    My good friend has a bell fountain so I knew how relaxing it would be to have this piece in my home office. It was simple to assemble, the quality is the same as my friend's bell fountain of at least a decade old, and immediately it provided the enjoyment of water and soothing sound of the bell chimes. This is an excellent purchase and beautiful addition to my space. I cannot believe it took me so many years to purchase; I am very pleased to own the Woodstock water bell fountain!

  7. I love the fountain but not being a "han… 5 Star Rating

    Posted by on Dec 31st 2012

    I love the fountain but not being a "handy" person it took me several attempts to get it set up right. It has a very "zen" feeling to it.

  8. The copper bowl water fountain with bell… 3 Star Rating

    Posted by on Apr 30th 2012

    The copper bowl water fountain with bell chimes has a very appealing appearance. The sound of the chimes as the floating bells touch stationary bells is adequate; however, the sound of rippling water is far too soft to enjoy if you are not sitting right next to the fountain and there is no other sound interfering. I have it turned up to maximum. For this reason, I wish I had selected another style because the rippling water sound is the reason for my purchase. Also, the instructions and illustrations were not an adequate match for my purchase. In spite of that, it was not difficult to assemble.

  9. I ordered the Water Bell Fountain- with … 5 Star Rating

    Posted by on Apr 20th 2012

    I ordered the Water Bell Fountain- with woodstock Chimes for my son-in-law as a birthday gift and he is enjoying it immensely.The gurgling of the water and the intermitent chiming of the bells he finds to be very relaxing. A great product.

  10. The copper vessel is truly lovely to loo… 3 Star Rating

    Posted by on Mar 26th 2012

    The copper vessel is truly lovely to look at; and, the warter that cascades from the top of the double "floral-like" fountain is a very soothing sound. It doesn't chime nearly as much as a previous similar fountain we've had; and, I miss that feature. Also, for some reason or another, the two floating chimes don't seem to have as much room to
    float around the centerpiece and not only get stuck; but sometimes, they actually tip over. So, the chiming effect is pretty much lost!

Showing reviews 1-10 of 52 | Next

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