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Wood Burning Fire Pits

Enjoy The Comfort Of Wood Fire With An Outdoor Fire Pit

Fire Pit Buyer's Guide

Relax with a Wood Fire Outside with Fire Pits from Serenity Health

Bring a beautiful outdoor wood-burning fire pit to your yard, patio or deck. Sure to please, these wonderful backyard fire pits are perfect for enjoying in solitude or for entertaining. From customer favorites like our Sunnydaze Hammered Copper and Bronze Crossweave models to unique, Asian-inspired and contemporary fire pits, you’re sure to find your perfect wood-burning pit in this collection.

Serenity Health has a metal fire pit that’s right for you, with all sorts of sizes, shapes and themes available. Many of our outdoor fire pits are made from durable steel with rust-resistant finishes. A cast iron outdoor fireplace is another long-lasting option, and we carry natural stone and copper fire pits as well, with each offering their own visual appeal.

If you are considering adding a fire pit to your yard or patio, you may be interested to know that a wood burning fire pit can enhance your outdoor space in myriad ways, including: upgrading your social space by adding a decorative element, helping you relax and reflect in the great outdoors and providing you with a great space to cook savory meals.

What’s summer without barbecued chicken, grilled brats or marshmallows toasted over an open flame? Cooking outdoors is the perfect way to celebrate beautiful weather and enjoy the company of friends and family. Our catalog features several cast iron fire pits that combine functionality and aesthetics to form the ideal outdoor cooking solution. Pick up a heavy-duty cast iron fire ring, such as our Sunnydaze Diamond Heavy Cast Iron Fire Pit Ring, if you need something that’ll last through all your larger fires, or opt for the Sunnydaze Cosmic Fire Pit with Cooking Grill for a compact design that’s perfect for a small patio or balcony.

Most of our products have diameters ranging from 24 to 36 inches, offering versatility for tailgating, camping, backyard parties and family gatherings. Larger options are available as well for a more permanent solution or to host big events. Our themed styles have various words and shapes cut out of the sides, so you can show off cross weaves, interplanetary themes, school pride or messages of good cheer in a form that lights up the night.

Our Sunnydaze fire pits are designed to be easy to set up and easy to use. Additionally, we offer a broad range of accessories that can make your fire pit even more enjoyable to use. At Serenity Health, our long-standing commitment to customer satisfaction means our representatives are prepared to answer your questions and ensure that you find the right fire pit for your space and that you are able to set it up and use it with ease.

Get a metal wood-burning style made of steel or copper. Go all out with a Sunnydaze 40-Inch unit with Cooking Ledge and Wood Storage — the ledge enables you to cook in a pan or directly on the surface and the pit itself is made of four mm cast iron. The 30-inch diameter Sunnydaze Rustic design with cooking edge and built-in log storage has a seven mm oxidized cold-rolled steel bowl and log holder with an unfinished cast iron cooking ledge and a built-in log holder for kindling/small log storage. The Sunnydaze Hammered 100 percent Copper Wood-Burning model comes with a spark screen, dashing looks and the durability needed to last a long time, and its sturdy stand keeps the fire pit stable while protecting your yard or stone patio from damage.

Also, check out our guide for keeping your fire pit looking and working great. We have low prices and secure ordering from leaders such as Fire Pit Art, Patina Products, Landmann and our exclusive Sunnydaze brand.



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