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Wood Burning Fire Pits

Enjoy The Comfort Of Wood Fire With An Outdoor Fire Pit

Fire Pit Buyer's Guide

Relax with a Wood Fire Outside with Fire Pits from Serenity Health

Bring a beautiful outdoor wood-burning fire pit to your yard, patio or deck. Sure to please, these wonderful backyard fire pits are perfect for enjoying in solitude or for entertaining. From customer favorites like our Sunnydaze Hammered Copper and Bronze Crossweave models to unique, Asian-inspired and contemporary fire pits, you’re sure to find your perfect wood-burning pit in this collection.

Wood-burning fire pits are a must-have for people who like cooking outdoors, hosting gatherings or just like sitting by a warm blaze on a summer night. Serenity Health has a metal fire pit that’s right for you, with all sorts of sizes, shapes and themes. Many of our outdoor fire pits are made from durable steel with rust-resistant finishes. A cast iron outdoor fireplace is another long-lasting option, and we carry natural stone and copper fire pits as well that each has their own visual appeal. Find contemporary fire pits, Asian-style fire bowls, wood burning fire pit tables and everything in between.

What are the Benefits of Wood-Burning Fire Pits?

If you are considering adding a fire pit to your yard or patio, you may be interested to know that a wood burning fire pit can enhance your outdoor space in myriad ways, including:

  • Upgrade your social space: Fire pits add warmth and light to social spaces. When you gather around a fire pit with friends and family, you partake in an age-old tradition that strengthens bonds between people. Friends and neighbors will flock to your house for bonfire nights. Owners of apartment complexes often find that fire pits are amenities that encourage socializing among tenants and raise tenants’ overall satisfaction with their living spaces.
  • Embark on culinary adventures: Our wood-burning fire pits make cooking over an open flame a cinch. Cook traditional fare like hot dogs and marshmallows or add one of our Tripod Grilling Sets to turn your open fire into a grill and cook anything your heart desires. Enjoy the fresh and smoky flavors that only an open fire can provide.
  • Relax and reflect: Relaxing by firelight is one of the best ways to relieve stress. Adding a ritual of unwinding by a fire to your routine can do wonders for your overall health.
  • Add a decorative element: Whether you choose a classic cast iron fire pit or something with a bit of color, the perfect wood-burning pit will add something extra-special to your outdoor living space.

Outdoor Cooking with Fire Pits

What’s summer without barbecued chicken, grilled brats or marshmallows toasted over an open flame? Cooking outdoors is the perfect way to celebrate beautiful weather and enjoy the company of friends and family. Our catalog features several cast iron fire pits that combine functionality and aesthetics to form the ideal outdoor cooking solution. Pick up a heavy-duty cast iron fire ring, such as our the Sunnydaze Diamond Heavy Cast Iron Fire Pit Ring, if you need something that’ll last through all your larger fires.

  • The Sunnydaze Northland Grill Fire Pit is designed for the serious al fresco chef! It’s perfect for cooking everything from hot dogs to artisan wood-fired pizza over a live flame..
  • The Sunnydaze Cosmic Fire Pit with Cooking Grill is compact and durable, so it can fit on your patio or balcony. Use it for grilling burgers on game day or to generate warmth on a brisk fall evening. This fire pit comes complete with everything you need for a safe and warm fire.
  • The Sunnydaze 30" All Star Fire Pit with Adjustable 360-Degree Swiveling Cooking Grate features a unique star design with a cooking grate that sits above the fire pit and can swivel away from the fire when not in use. This cool Sunnydaze fire pit is the perfect solution for cooking and sitting around the fire with a single model.

Why Choose a Wood-Burning Fire Pit from Serenity Health?

Here at Serenity Health & Home Décor, our mission is to provide home décor that fosters relaxation and stress reduction. We draw our inspiration from our surroundings — the lakes and rivers of Northern Wisconsin — when creating our products, so everything we offer is infused with the calming effect of nature.

Most of our fire pits have diameters ranging from 24 to 36 inches, offering versatility for tailgating, camping, backyard parties and family gatherings. Larger options are available as well for a more permanent solution or to host big events. Our themed fire pits have various words and shapes cut out of the sides, so you can show off cross weaves, interplanetary themes, school pride or messages of good cheer in a form that lights up the night.

Our Sunnydaze fire pits are designed to be easy to set up and easy to use. Additionally, we offer a broad range of accessories that can make your fire pit even more enjoyable to use. At Serenity Health, our long-standing commitment to customer satisfaction means our representatives are prepared to answer your questions and ensure that you find the right fire pit for your space and that you are able to set it up and use it with ease.

If you are in the process of creating your backyard haven with a fire pit and décor, consider adding a hammock chair or wind chime to complement your decor. Also, check out our guide for keeping your fire pit looking and working great. We have low prices and secure ordering from leaders such as Fire Pit Art, Patina Products, Landmann and our exclusive Sunnydaze brand.


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