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Fountain Pumps

Find A Replacement Submersible Water Fountain Pump Today

The pumps we sell are high quality and run quietly, and many are suitable for both indoor and outdoor water fountains.  See below for guidelines and what to look for in your replacement fountain pump.

Find replacement pumps for all indoor fountains including tabletop fountains, wall fountains, floor standing, even outdoor pumps.  These are high quality, submersible fountain pumps that are used in many water features and all have a one year warranty.  If you have trouble finding the exact size you are trying to replace, just give us a call and we would be happy to recommend a model that will work with your water feature.   

Guidelines and helpful information to have when looking for a replacement:

  • WT fountain pumps can be used indoor or outdoor
  • WA fountain pumps are for indoor use only
  • Models with SW in the name have an on/off switch on the cord
  • GPH = Gallons per hour
  • Max Head = How far the pump will push water up from where it sits.  For example, if the max head is 2.1 feet it should push the water two feet above the pump. 
  • How high do you need the water to go to reach the top of your water fountain
  • Size/dimensions of your existing pump - make sure that the new pump would be fully submerged in the water basin of the fountain, dimensions of each model are provided. 
  • For more information and details on selecting the right replacement model, see our Fountain Pump FAQs.


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