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Stainless Steel and Copper Wall Fountains

Add Sophistication To Any Interior With A Hanging, Wall-Mount Copper Water Fountain

Our copper wall fountains are beautiful ways to create a soothing focal point for a home, office, restaurant or hotel lobby wall. Our elegant copper wall water fountains from Serenity Health & Home Décor are affordably priced fountains crafted with copper in a clear powder-coat finish. Copper sheeting is finished in a wide array of patinas and textures that make each wall fountain in copper unique.

Today's copper pieces are often heat-finished. Sometimes referred to as copper patina or rustic copper, these finishes are created when artisans deliberately and carefully apply heat that draws variations in the coppery color to the surface. The result is a stylized, dimensional finish that invites conversation. Copper wall fountain backdrops imbibed with these qualities are works of art. Backdrops made of slate, marble and granite are stunning when framed in these distinguished copper masterpieces.

Because of its close proximity to water, most copper frames and bowls are coated. This helps prevent premature aging. Although the patina of aged copper is a beautiful finish, topical coatings help this change occur more slowly and deliberately. If you prefer the original finish, the copper can be re-coated every few years. Copper is extremely malleable. For that reason, squared corners, rounded corners and even curved bowls and are easily achieved by the artist. Copper-framed wall fountains are available in the most diverse styles of any material in the wall fountain category.

Copper art wall fountains are divergent and innovative. Copper lends itself well to cupped leaves, flower petals or fluted bowls. Stamped copper wall fountains and thickly-framed renditions of ancient wall art are beautifully represented using versatile copper. You can choose an exquisite copper waterfall fountain with intricate details for your formal living space or opulent commercial environment.

Copper-framed wall fountains are often good candidates for customized logos. When a logo is placed on stone backdrops, the pattern is sandblasted onto the surface. If desired, color can be added using high-quality automotive paints. On reflective surfaces, logos are etched. Black-filled logos seem to work best on reflective and lighter surfaces. Painted renditions work well on darker surfaces. Either result is stunning. Your custom indoor waterfall fountain will come to life in vibrant copper, so customers and visitors are sure to remember your brand.

Copper has been used in fountains for many years and our wall fountains with copper frames continue to be best sellers. Whether it is a wall-mounted copper fountain or copper table fountain you need, we have several selections in each style to help you choose that perfect copper wall fountain.

Stainless Steel Frame Wall Fountains

In addition to beautiful copper wall fountains, Serenity Health & Home Décor also offers a stunning selection of beautiful stainless steel frame wall fountains for your home or business. Our contemporary wall water fountains are made with stainless steel to add simple elegance and a modern aesthetic to your home or commercial environment while adding the soothing sounds of cascading water. These indoor water fountains are ideal for chic, modern environments where a clean look is desired.

These attractive and simplistic wall water fountains do not crowd your floor plan while providing a beautiful focal point in any room. Stainless steel frames may be paired with a variety of materials including glass, stone, marble and a variety of metals to create the contemporary water fountain that best fits your personal taste.

Stainless steel water fountains are shimmering, reflective surfaces that bode themselves well to the presence of smoothly cascading water. Stainless steel is nearly maintenance free, and seldom accumulates lime deposits. Their easy-clean reflective surface makes it an all-time favorite. Using distilled water is one trick to keeping your stainless steel wall fountain sparkling clean. Another is to shut down the fountain periodically, and wipe down the surfaces with a soft cloth.

Note: Abrasive cleaners or scratch pads will damage the surface and could cause rusting or other issues. Bleaches can likewise damage the finish. Follow the manufacturer instructions.

Stainless steel has become such a preferred material in wall fountain design that nearly every wall fountain we offer is available with a stainless steel backdrop or frame. They are available in one to four panels and in horizontal, picture frame, or vertical styling. Stainless is especially favored in environments where the motif is modern. Chrome and black furnishings look gallant accompanied by a stainless steel fountain, whether in offices, dens or foyers. Stainless is also a great idea near plants or colorful artwork. Its reflective surface catches all the color in the room and melds it into an elegant backdrop.

Consider stainless steel fountains whenever the accompanying sounds of water will produce a profound impact. The melodious tones weed out distracting noises and produce a calming, reflective state. They are especially welcome in waiting rooms, where time seems to drag on. When sitting next to a beautiful wall fountain, time slips by quickly.

Not finding the wall hanging fountain you're looking for? Design a custom fountain in any size, or visit our section on commercial fountain uses. Our U.S.-based company with headquarters in Northern Wisconsin offers thousands of home décor and relaxation products designed to inspire serenity, rest and the elimination of outside stress. Shop our delightful hammock collection, wellness products, garden fountains and ultra-comfortable patio furniture to transform your outdoor living space into a soothing oasis. Enjoy free shipping on qualifying orders. Our price-match guarantee and easy returns policy make shopping stress-free.




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