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Glass Or Mirror Wall Fountains

Mirrored Wall Fountains & Wall Waterfalls With Glass: Make A Stylish Statement

Add elegance and style with breathtaking glass wall fountain. Clear glass or mirrored styles available with stainless steel for a contemporary look or copper for a warm look.  All of these glass wall fountains have beautiful water sounds.  Many of these wall fountains can be used as an indoor waterfall or out.  Mirror wall fountains also make a wonderful sign for the office with an etched corporate logo, and they create calmness for employees and clients.  The custom logo is available on many of the below mirrored fountains in any color you desire.  You can also do a vinyl logo, easy to put on and take off.  Be sure to check out our entire selection of wall fountains.

Mirror Wall Fountains establish exquisite ambiance within any environment. Their reflective nature ties room elements together. They are exciting pieces to display since the water seems to cling to the mirror, and makes its way down the glass in gently-moving rivulets.

Like stainless steel, glass surfaces are easy to care for. Shutting the pump off once a week and using a window cleaner or, in extreme cases a lime remover, will keep them gleaming. Another tip is not to place your mirrored wall fountain in the dark. When light permeates through windows or overhead lighting, the water elements glisten and shine.  Most mirrored water fountains also include an overhead or base-mounted light, and a switch for controlling both the water and lighting features.

Wall placement is important for mirrored wall fountains. If plants are set at an angle to the fountain, their reflection will simulate viewing an outdoor rainstorm through a closed window. Setting artwork on an adjacent wall, gives the person who sits at the correct angle an entirely new perspective on the outlines and colors.

Mirrored wall fountains are chosen for customized logo applications more than any other surface. After receiving your logo, a template is made representing size, placement and color. Once the design is approved, logos are etched into the glass, then colored either black, or in full color with high-quality, waterproof automotive paints. Mirrored logos make an astounding presentation.

We feature all sizes of glass faced wall fountains. Some are small enough to be suitable for a hallway, others are large enough for large building or reception areas.

Not finding what you're looking for?  Design a custom water feature in any size you wish or see some commercial fountain uses.


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