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Glass Or Mirror Wall Fountains

Mirrored Wall Fountains & Wall Waterfalls With Glass: Make A Stylish Statement

If you are searching for an eye-catching, unique alternative to traditional artwork, consider accenting a wall in your home with a Glass or Mirror Wall Fountain. Glass and mirror are two great materials that offer an open and airy look and feel to any space, making it ideal for smaller rooms and areas. Our robust selection of wall fountains includes a range of sizes, finishes and designs to please many tastes and budgets. You will find fountains that are unmistakably modern in design, ones that look like they once belonged in an ancient European villa and ones that have a rustic charm. Most mirrored water fountains also include an overhead or base-mounted light, and a switch for controlling both the water and lighting features. The lights cast an enchanting glow on the trickling water for a striking effect.

Mirror wall fountains also make a wonderful accent in an office, medical or spa setting. For an additional charge, you can have a logo etched on it or opt for a removable vinyl logo. Hang one in a waiting room, reception area or anywhere you want to create a sense of calm for employees and clients. We feature all sizes of glass-faced wall fountains. Some are small enough to be suitable for a hallway, while others are large enough for a spacious reception area.

Easy to operate and maintain, our glass and mirror fountains come with an electric pump that powers the flow of the water. Each fountain arrives fully assembled and all that you need to do is hang it, fill it with water, plug it into any standard indoor electrical outlet and start to relax. Glass and mirror are surfaces that are easy to care for. Shutting the pump off once a week and using a window cleaner or, in extreme cases a lime remover, will keep them gleaming. 

Not finding what you are looking for? Design a custom water feature in any size you wish or see some commercial fountain uses.




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