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Best-Selling Tabletop Fountains

Enjoy the Relaxing Trickle of a Top-Selling Tabletop Fountain

Take a deep breath and enjoy the calming sounds of one of these best-selling tabletop fountains from Serenity Health & Home Décor. We’ve got the most soothing and mesmerizing tabletop water fountains, all of which are designed to bring an effortless elegance and comfort to your home or office. Each Sunnydaze desktop fountain is made from high-quality, long-lasting materials such as copper, slate, fiberglass or ceramic, so it makes an excellent gift for anyone who loves the relaxing, self-reflective sound of water trickling. These beautiful, best-selling tabletop water fountains ship for free when you shop Serenity Health.

We’ve got the perfect desktop water fountain for your unique home or office décor, whether it be cool and contemporary or rustic and refined. Shop Asian-inspired, earthy, modern and elegant miniature water fountains to find one that brings you the most amount of calm possible. Many of our trickling table fountains feature mesmerizing LED lights to add an eye-catching, reflective glow to the glistening water. They are all equipped with quiet electrical pumps and all the necessary parts required for simple assembly and operation. Shop our Sunnydaze décor fountains if you’re looking for an affordable yet high-quality tabletop style.



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