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Sunnydaze Modern Cascading Bowls Solar-on-Demand Water Fountain, 28 Inch Tall

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Sunnydaze Modern Cascading Bowls Solar-on-Demand Water Fountain, 28 Inch Tall

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  • Dimensions: 15" Square x 28" H; 17 lbs
  • Material: durable polyresin
  • Includes: fountain, solar panel, pump, and 16' cord from solar panel to pump
  • Requires direct sunlight to run during day and store energy in battery pack
  • 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty
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At 28" tall, the Sunnydaze Modern Cascading Bowls Solar-on-Demand Water Fountain is just the right size for any outdoor space. This solar-operated water fountain has attention-grabbing flair and is sure to complement your style. This modern fountain might be just what you have been looking for to create a more relaxing setting on your patio or in your garden.

The charcoal color of the surface offers a unique look that's different from your typical earth and white fountains, yet it still complements any color of home or patio furniture. An added benefit of this modern fountain is that the birds will love the style as they can perch right on the top bowl and drink or take a full bath in the middle bowl. The solar-on-demand feature allows you to run the fountain into the evenings to enjoy after a long day or while entertaining guests. Despite being a solar-powered water fountain, this popular Sunnydaze product makes it easy to enjoy the soothing sounds of trickling water at your leisure when the sun isn't out.

Designed from resin, the Sunnydaze Modern Cascading Bowls Solar-on-Demand Water Fountain is both durable and easy to maintain. More lightweight than stone for simple maneuverability, this fountain was made to operate in direct sunlight with a convenient back-up battery power source that can be run with just a push of a button.

On the solar-powered mode, the fountain will run directly from solar energy; however, the pump will only work in bright and sunny conditions. To run on battery mode, simply press the Battery On/Off button and the battery will now power the pump. On the battery mode, you can power your fountain for up to four hours on cloudy days or at night. When the battery power is depleted, the system will automatically change back to solar-powered mode and start again when there is sufficient sunlight. You can operate it daily using the battery technology for persistent performance, or leave your fountain off, charging the batteries for use when you want it, even at night. A fully charged battery usually last for up to four hours.

*Color can vary slightly on each fountain. Additionally, ambient lighting and computer monitor settings may slightly affect the color you see. Therefore, slight color variation is not a cause for return.

*Please note: Fountains should always be emptied and covered or brought indoors before freezing weather occurs.

Features of the Modern Cascading Bowls Solar Fountain:

  • Overall dimensions: 15" square x 28" H, weighs 17 lbs., so it's the perfect accent in any yard.
  • Bottom water reservoir is 11" diameter and 8" deep; Middle bowl is 8" diameter x 2" deep; Top bowl is 10" diameter and 3/4" deep.
  • Durable polyresin construction makes the fountain lightweight and easy to move.
  • Now features a dry protection pump so if the fountain runs out of water it will turn off.
  • Fountain includes LED lights, solar panel and submersible recirculating pump with 1/4" diameter hose so you have everything you need to run the fountain.
  • Solar panel: 8.75" L x 7.75" W, cable length 16' from solar pump to panel.
  • LED lights are located in the top bowl to illuminate the fountain at night.
  • The solar-on-demand technology allows this modern fountain to run in and out of the sun. The sun is needed to charge the solar panel but then the "on demand" can keep the pump running when the clouds come out. To run on battery mode simply press the Battery On/Off button. The battery will now power the pump.
  • Sunnydaze Decor backs its products with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty for worry-free operation.

Dry Run Protection Pump Technology: Typical pumps continue to run when the fountain is low on water or dry, causing the pump to burn out and need to be replaced. This fountain includes new dry run protection technology so if the fountain runs low on water, the pump will automatically shut off to save the life of your pump.

The lifespan of a battery generally lasts between 12-18 months, but with repeated charges and discharge cycles the battery capacity may reduce. You can try to boost charge the battery by leaving it off for 2-3 sunny days to allow maximum charge. If the boost charge does not help the battery than you will need to replace it. Open the battery cover on the back of the solar panel and replace the batteries with 4 standard AA size rechargeable batteries.

For an additional purchase, an electric battery charger is also available. If there are several cloudy days in a row where the solar panel cannot recharge the batteries fully, you can unplug the solar panel, bring it inside and plug it into a standard outlet with this battery charger to recharge the batteries.

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