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Sunnydaze Gray Tiered Fountain Covers

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  • Multiple sizes available: Large, X-Large, and XX-Large
  • Material: waterproof and UV-stabilized reinforced polyethylene
  • Includes: 1 fountain cover
  • Bottom tie drawstring for a snug fit
  • 1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty.


Protect your fountain from the elements during the winter months or any extended period of time when you will not be using your fountain with durable, quality-made Sunnydaze gray tiered fountain covers. While it is best to bring in all your outdoor water fountains indoors during the punishing winter months, bringing a large and heavy fountain indoors each winter is no easy feat. Our water fountain covers are the perfect solution to protecting your fountain so it will be ready for use once the warm weather comes around again.

Generously-sized, this outdoor fountain cover is available in multiple sizes. These sizes include large (76 inches high by 61 inches in diameter), X-large (94.5 inches high by 105 inches deep) and XX-large (83 inches high by 137 inches deep). Specially made for tiered fountains, they are constructed from weather-resistant and waterproof woven polyethylene. This material is used in many cover applications and is touted for its lightweight, yet durable surface. The material is also treated for UV-protection so it will not be affected by the sun's damaging rays. A strong drawstring at the bottom allows you to cinch it snuggly around your fountain to prevent the elements from sneaking inside and damaging your fountain. Once your cover is placed securely around your entire fountain, you can rest assured that it is being protected from wind, rain, snow and other nasty weather conditions. Not just for your heavy, stone fountains, these covers are also great for fiberglass fountains or other garden statuary you may have.

When selecting the size of your cover, keep in mind that if you have a tiered fountain, many styles allow you to take the top tiers off and place them inside the larger bowl. If this is the case with your fountain, you do not need such a tall cover. Base your size on the width of your fountain.

Just as you would protect your other outdoor furniture and decorative garden pieces from the winter elements, shielding your fountain is equally as important. Water fountains that aren’t stored properly during the winter are prone to cracking and fading. If any water seeps into a cast stone fountain and then freezes, the water expands and breaks cracks into the fountain. With these easy-to-use covers, you can ensure your fountain will continue to bring you the soothing sights and sounds you have grown to love for many years to come.

Features of the Gray Tiered Fountain Cover:

  • Available in multiple sizes: Large (76" H x 61" Diameter); X-Large (94.5" H x 105" D);XX-Large (83" H x 137" D).
  • Fountain cover is made from woven polyethylene so it is designed to be weather resistant and waterproof.
  • Covers are treated for UV protection and to repel water.
  • These fountain covers also feature a drawstring and toggle tie so that you can adjust this cover to fit snugly over your fountain. It will even stay on through breezy days.
  • Sunnydaze Decor backs its products with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

Read more about winterizing your outdoor fountains for extra information on making your fountains last for years to come.

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