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Fire Pits By Sunnydaze Decor

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Establishing a comfortable-and-inviting outdoor area – be it a nook in a grassy backyard, a themed patio that serves as a hub for outdoor drinking and dining, or a deck that doubles as a yard due to a metropolitan setting – is paramount to home-owners and renters alike. And according to a 2014 survey by the American Society of Landscape Architects, fire pits and fireplaces rank among the top three outdoor living features requested by those building or renovating a home, right after proper outdoor lighting, and a designated dining/seating area.

We think about the way people turn to the ambiance of flames for relaxation and personal health with each new fire pit we roll out at Sunnydaze Decor. Our host of movable wood-burning styles vary from simple, sturdy above-ground caged braziers with included grills to allow for cooking, to artistic fire-bowls and campfire rings decorated with die-cut designs that enable unique shadow casting, through fire-pit tables that provide handy ledges on which one can rest their favorite drinks and snacks.

Most of our fire pits are made from steel, though cast-iron and copper are also employed to suit certain designs, as are high-temperature paints that provide unique finishes on some varieties. Style-wise, we offer selections that are modern, traditional, industrial, cottage-inspired, and more, so whether you prefer linear looks, simple silhouettes or durable-and-utilitarian apparatuses, we have something for you. Many of our fire pits also include spark-screens and a fire-irons (pokers) as part of all-inclusive kits, to make ordering easier, and we offer a do-it-yourself solution with our fire-pit rim, for those who wish to build something to suit a specific requirement or taste.

Enjoy perusing our selection of outdoor wood-burning fire pits by Sunnydaze Decor – you’re sure to find the perfect option for your home.



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