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Sunnydaze Cascading Log and Buckets Solar-on-Demand Water Fountain, 30 Inch Tall

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Sunnydaze Cascading Log and Buckets Solar-on-Demand Water Fountain, 30 Inch Tall

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  • Dimensions: 13" W x 14" D x 30" H; 17 lbs
  • Material: durable polyresin construction
  • Includes: solar panel, pump, and two 16' cords one from solar panel to pump, and one from solar panel to LED light
  • Requires direct sunlight to run during day and store energy in battery pack
  • 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty


Bring back the feeling of the good old days to your backyard garden with this charming outdoor garden fountain! The Cascading Log and Buckets Solar-on-Demand Fountain will add an old-fashioned farm feeling with its intricate detailing in the tree stumps and the slightly battered design to the bucket and pots. The elegant hues of brown and tan are sure to complement any outdoor space, while the bronze and speckled pots are sure to increase the charm. Plus, the bird with its green feathers and orange chest that's perched on the side of the fountain will add an extra natural element. LED lighting in the bottom pot adds perfect the perfect illumination for nighttime use.

Enjoy the soothing sounds of water consistently flowing from the top bucket down to the bottom basin, where it recirculates with help from a solar pump. No plumbing is required - all you have to do is put the fountain together, connect the cords from the solar pump to the panel, connect the other cord from the LED light to the solar panel and place in direct sunlight.

This outdoor fountain can operate on either solar and battery power when set to the "on" position. In good sunlight conditions, the pump will run on solar energy while the battery pack recharges. On cloudy days or dark nights, the battery will automatically run the fountain for up to four hours if fully charged. When the batteries are depleted, the system will automatically switch to being powered by the solar panel and resume running when the sun comes out. For occasions where you want the fountain to run only in the evening, set the pump to the off position during the day and allow the battery to fully charge. When you want to run the fountain, simply turn the pump on and the fountain will run until the battery is exhausted.

With durable material construction and a one-year manufacturer's warranty, the Cascading Log and Buckets Water Fountain is the perfect outdoor addition. As the official site of Sunnydaze Decor, we offer free same-day shipping on this and all other Sunnydaze products, and will match any competitor's price to give you the best deal.

*Color can vary slightly on each fountain. Lighting can be different indoors and outdoors, and there can also be differences in computer monitor lighting. Some fountains may appear darker because of the lighting in the area. Therefore, slight color variation is not a cause for return.

*Please note fountains should always be either emptied and covered or emptied and brought indoors before freezing weather occurs.

Features of the Old World Cascading Log & Buckets Solar-on-Demand Fountain:

  • Overall dimensions: 13" W x 14" D x 30" H; weighs 17 lbs., so it is large enough to make a statement in any outdoor space.
  • Fountain is made from durable polyresin material to make it lightweight and easy to maneuver.
  • Fountain includes two 16-foot cables to connect the battery pack and LED light to the solar panel, a solar pump with ¼-inch diameter hose, LED lights and a removable camouflaged back side door for easy access to the pump and lights.
  • Features solar or battery power options with an on/off button to control the battery pack.
  • No plumbing is required - simply assemble the fountain, connect the cords from the solar pump to the panel, connect the other cord from the LED light to the solar panel and place in direct sunlight.
  • LED lighting located in the bottom pot helps illuminate fountain during evening and nighttime use.
  • Sunnydaze Decor backs its products with a one-year manufacturer's warranty for worry-free operation.

The battery generally lasts between 12-18 months, but with repeated charges and discharge cycles, the battery will become less efficient and battery capacity may reduce. If the battery does appear less efficient you may try and boost charge it. In order to boost charge the battery you must leave it off for 2-3 sunny days to allow maximum charge. If the boost-charge does not help the battery then you will need to replace it. Please contact us for replacement batteries.

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