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Stainless-Steel Tabletop Fountains

Contemporary Stainless-Steel Fountains: Add Distinction To Your Home

Add tranquility and distinction to any space with a stainless steel tabletop fountain from Serenity Health’s extraordinary selection. Featuring premium-quality stainless steel bases or elements, these beautiful miniature fountains are excellent for any contemporary home or business décor. They feature mixed-media components, including polished stones and slate to juxtapose the industrial feel of smooth, stainless steel. Serenity Health hand-picks fine-quality, artist-made stainless steel water fountains to elicit calm and inspire serenity.

These are also the perfect feng shui fountains for adding harmony to your space. Because feng shui literally translates to “wind-water,” the philosophy strongly emphasizes the incorporation of water into design. Simple stainless tabletop fountains may offer an Asian-inspired flair with incorporated rocks and other stone elements to represent the Earth. Serenity Health stocks stainless steel fountains by Nayer Kazemi and other top water artists. Each one qualifies for same-day shipping and may be eligible for our price-match guarantee.



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