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Solar Fountain Pumps & Panels

Let the sun be your natural power source by using solar water fountain pumps and accessories from Serenity Health & Home Décor. This renewable energy source can make your landscape come to life with zero operating costs. We carry solar pumps for ponds that turn your water into a shimmering feature, pushing or spraying water for a striking effect. If you want to convert an existing outdoor fountain, our solar garden fountain kits will have you saving money and electricity in no time. You can order a hybrid garden pump that runs on solar power by day and electric power by night.

Replace a solar water fountain pump or panel. Or convert an electric-powered water fountain to a solar-powered fountain with our solar fountain pumps and solar conversion kits from Serenity Health & Home Décor. A number of our solar fountain pump kits come with a solar-on-demand battery pack that lets you store energy for use at night or on cloudy days. Simply flick the switch to impress partygoers or other guests. Our exclusive Sunnydaze Decor solar-powered fountain pumps are economically priced with same-day or next-business-day shipping on most models. Just order the right solar-powered water pump for your pond or fountain with a price-match guarantee and set up your own cool feature in minutes.

DIY Solar Powered Fountain Pumps, Kits & Panels

Now you can convert almost any outdoor fountain to solar with these solar powered water pumps and panel kits. You no longer need to trench in electrical lines or run unsightly extension cords to that perfect little corner of your back yard. Instead, let the sun power your fountain pump, and place your solar-power water fountain anywhere on a lawn. We carry solar pump kits designed to store the sun’s power for use during nighttime parties and other post-dawn special events.

Replacement Solar Pumps & Panels

Our replacement solar pumps and panels for your water fountains are designed to complement several styles and sizes of solar water fountains. We also have kits to convert other outdoor fountains Click here to see our entire selection of solar-powered fountains. Don’t forget to check out accessories such as extension cables, spare batteries and electric battery chargers.

Rely on our Expertise

Contact our friendly, knowledgeable staff for guidance about how to incorporate water fountain styles in your home or office décor. All of our exclusive Sunnydaze brand fountains and accessories include a one-year limited warranty. Enjoy our easy returns policy. Sign up at our website to receive email notices about new product news and upcoming sales. 



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