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Solar On-Demand Fountains

Enjoy Flexibility With Solar Fountains That Feature Battery Backups

Solar Fountain Buyer's Guide

Enjoy the environmentally friendly appeal of a solar-powered water fountain with battery backup with our Solar-on-Demand water fountains from Serenity Health & Home Décor. Our Solar-on-Demand fountains have solar-powered fountain pumps with battery backups to keep the water flowing in your outdoor water fountain. The pumps store power from sunlight to operate in cloudy or dark conditions. We have Solar-on-Demand birdbath fountains by top brands like Smart Solar and our exclusive Sunnydaze Decor brand.

We have beautiful designs in solar water fountains that will create a trickling water or smooth waterfall effect as the water moves through each design element. If you have a special occasion when you wanted the Solar-on-Demand fountain to run only in the evening, set the pump to the “off” position during the day. The battery will store power from the sun, but not run. At night, simply turn the pump to the “on” position and enjoy the flow of water until the battery is depleted.

If you have an existing outdoor fountain that runs on electricity, you can convert it to a solar-powered fountain with our Sunnydaze solar pump and panel kits. The kit includes a pump, LED lights, solar panels and ground stakes or wall-mount hardware to position and place your solar panel to expose it to direct sunlight. When you want to enjoy the serenity of a water fountain indoors, we have giant wall fountains and charming little desktop fountains to browse from our collections of indoor and outdoor fountains.



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