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Marble, Lightweight and Solid Slate Wall Fountains

Beautify Your Home With A Hand-Crafted Stone Wall Fountain

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Serenity Health & Home Décor offers a full suite of exquisite slate wall fountains that will add a stunning focal point to your home or business. With a large selection of face options available, you are sure to find an option that fits perfectly with your home décor. Our solid slate wall fountains are handcrafted wall-mount water fountains with various color options of solid slate faces and stainless steel or copper frames. The water flows down the slate, making beautiful, soothing waterfall sounds that will complement any tranquil landscape. Hang the power of natural stone and soothing waterfalls in your home or business with one of our wall-mounted waterfall fountains!

Skilled artisans are hand-picked by Adagio, Bluworld, Nayer Kazemi and other leaders to make these recirculating indoor fountains. In addition to the solid slate options there are also lightweight slate, marble and other stone face options. If the weight of slate or marble hanging on your wall is not ideal for you, try a lightweight slate or slate veneer option which will cut the overall weight of the wall fountain to a third of the weight of the marble or solid slate. You won’t have to sacrifice the dimensional beauty of genuine stone when you opt for one of these lighter weight wall fountain options from Serenity Health & Home Décor. Natural variations in each stone give you a wholly original creation.

Shop our rustic and contemporary styles in wall waterfalls simply by choosing copper or stainless steel for your frame choice, stainless makes for a more contemporary look, while rustic copper will bring more of a traditional feel. In addition to your face material and frame, you’ll have multiple options for edge style and basin rocks. You can also upgrade halogen lighting to bright, efficient LED lights. Choose a custom wall fountain by allowing us to engrave your name or company logo onto the face.Many wall-mounted waterfall fountain sizes are available. Each slate wall fountain is well-suited for decorating living room walls, office lobbies, country club entrances and hotel and restaurant lobbies. They create a serene feeling from the gentle flow of the water and the aesthetic composition of the fountain itself.

Slate Wall Fountains 

Slate hanging fountains have the advantage of being unique and colorful. Solid slate indoor wall-mounted waterfalls are highly textured in a naturally unique fashion that works well with cascading water. In fact, slate pieces are so varied in texture and color that no two backdrops ever look the same. It also has the advantage of multi-tiered texturing. Each color exists on its own plane, and the glistening water dances across these channels beautifully. We offer slate water fountains in both horizontal and vertical designs, with up to four panels per fountain. They are sized to fit any decor, varying in width from 16 inches to 78 inches and in height from 27 inches to 78 inches. Choose a slate water fountain with subtle lighting that makes it a pleasure to look during the day and at night.

Marble Wall Fountains

Rome and Paris have celebrated their famed marble fountains for centuries. Create a distinctive look in your home or business with an elegant marble wall fountain from Serenity Health & Home Décor. The rich look of smooth marble is showcased in wall-mounted water fountains in spider black marble, rainforest brown or rainforest green marble tones with copper or stainless steel accents. The unique veins of colors in marble means that your wall-mount marble wall fountain will be different from any other.

Shop marble wall fountains by Adagio, Bluworld and other famous brands. Choose vertical or horizontal wall fountains in marble with one, two or three panels, depending on your aesthetic preferences and space limitations. We can customize your wall fountain in marble with an expertly etched name or logo. Marble offers a nice smooth finish for great water flow. With its smooth surface, it is easy to clean. Mount a marble fountain on an entrance way wall, in your living room or in your den. These beautifully made fountains grace fine hotel and restaurant lobbies, country club ballrooms and Fortune 500 executive suites.

Logo Wall Fountains

Many of our wall-mounted waterfall fountains can be customized to make them feel more like a part of your business. Custom wall fountains will be etched or engraved with your company logo or name. Logo wall fountains from Serenity Health & Home Decor make a bold, compelling statement. Whether in the foyer of a building or the reception area of a corporate office, people remember your name, your logo and your presence after they see and enjoy the presence of a water fountain with soothing ripples and cascades of water hanging on a wall. It’s a beautiful, memorable way to advertise your brand.

Customize a wall fountain for a country club entrance wall, a church, a fine hotel or restaurant lobby, a university, an office or civic organization. Many businesses mount these wall water fountains in reception areas, conference rooms, waiting rooms and executive suites. Create a theme by installing a single-panel wall-mount water fountain in a lobby or entryway and a three-panel water fountain in a large conference room.

We offer more than 72 wall fountains that can be customized with logos. Logos can be embedded onto marble, granite and slate, as well as reflective surfaces such as stainless steel and mirrored backdrops. Wall fountains come in vertical or horizontal styles, and many have elegant lighting to create a serene mood by day or night. When the light catches the shimmering water, and the melodious sounds of flowing water begin, you will feel a sense of pride.

Wall Mounted Fountains with Lightweight Slate

Our handcrafted, lightweight wall-mount waterfall fountains in lightweight slate provide a unique way to decorate a home or office. The visual appeal and soothing sounds of a slate wall fountain for indoor use can divert attention away from jarring noises. Add a handsome focal point to any wall with these waterfall wall-mount styles by top brands like Adagio, Bluworld and Angel Falls. The lightweight slate panels used to create these beautiful wall fountains are only about a third of the weight of solid slate or marble fountains. Lightweight slate is also called Featherstone slate. It is available in textures and color variations common to heavier pieces of slate, but at a percentage of the weight. The varieties of colors and textures for lightweight slate indoor wall-mounted waterfalls make them suitable for any home or office decor application.

Our lightweight slate wall fountains range in width from 19 inches to 120 inches and range in height from 24 inches to 74 inches. Our impressively designed brand-name wall fountains include lighting elements at either the top or bottom that catch and enhance the glimmer of the softly moving water. Slate slab edges are hand-chiseled and fused-sealed for longevity. The top frame and bottom bowl are made of heat-treated copper or powder-coated steel with aged patina or stainless steel finishes. Lightweight slate wall fountains can usually be mounted without purchasing additional mounting brackets. They’re very easy to move from wall to wall and can be removed for storage whenever you’d like.

If you want a commercial-size wall-mount water fountain, consider our suggestions for commercial fountain uses. We ship qualifying fountains for free on top of our industry-leading prices.



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