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Rain Chains

Melodic, Intruiging Rain Chains Make Music When It Rains

Melodic and soothing, rain chains make the trickling sound of rain even more enjoyable to the ear. Serenity Health offers a great selection of unique rain chains that feature a series of cups that collect rainwater and create a soothing melody as it descends down the chain. The perfect gift for a gardener or outdoor enthusiast, these artistic downspouts can double as a rainwater collector when you place your own receptacle below. You’ll find a slew of unique rain chain ideas for your home décor at Serenity Health.

We offer a great selection of exquisite copper rain chains featuring beautiful designs to complement your home’s architectural style. Choose from antique designs with floral-inspired cups or opt for a chain style with contemporary copper circles. Each rain chain from Serenity Health is designed to easily attach to your existing gutter system to gently guide the rainwater to the ground. They can be shortened or combined with another chain for added length, if desired. Enjoy free shipping on rain chains when you shop with us.



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