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Pool Tables & Accessories

Find The Perfect 7-Foot Or 8-Foot Pool Table For Your Game Room Or Den

Choosing Your New Billiard Table

The more affordable tables are generally 7' in length and are usually non-slate tables. Non-slate pool tables are typically made of a special treated wood to prevent warping, but are lighter and are not solid stone. A slate pool table is more expensive and heavier. As you go up in price you general get better quality tables and styles and most become slate pool tables. Slate tables are heavier, sturdier, look better, and have additional styling around the pool table pockets and other areas.

High-End Pool Tables

More expensive models also tend to have additional options such as ball return. The ball return feature allows all the pool balls to go to a main section at the end of the table instead of simply staying in the pocket. The drop pocket feature is where the balls stay in a basket in the pocket. The ball return option is simply more convenient and easier to go from game to game since racking is quicker and easier.

Lower-Cost Pool Tables

The less expensive pool tables are generally a smaller billiard pool table size and are great for smaller spaces or children. All of our pool tables generally come with a one year manufacturer's warranty, but please check each table's specs or Q&A or call us for specific info for each table. We have a great return policy and offer free shipping on every single pool table. We are proud to serve all of our Internet customers with some of the best policies of any other online pool table retailer. Should you choose to buy from us, you will not regret our policies and friendly customer service. All of our customer service is in-house, so if you have any issues or questions with your order or pool table, you'll be talking to one of our friendly staff members here in Wisconsin, not an outsourced customer service rep. Whether you're looking for a 7' pool table, 8' pool table, or any billiards pool table, you will find one here. 


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