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Ping-Pong Tables

Get A New Ping-Pong Table & Enjoy Excellent Family Game Time!

Ping Pong tables are ideal for game rooms, garages or even the backyard!  We offer a large selection of indoor/outdoor Ping pong tables that are weather-resistant. Most will fold in half for convenient, space-saving storage. If you aim to amp up your game, be sure to choose a table that folds into a playback position. By folding one half of the table upright, you can practice solo! Our Quick Play PingPong tables go from box to play in minutes, making them ideal for those who don't want to deal with assembly. If you don't have the space or the cash for a full table, then a PingPong table conversion top is for you!  These conversion tops are less expensive, easy to use, lighter and portable. Most table tennis conversion tops are made to use atop pool tables; however the Portable PingPong Table Top can be used on a dining table or any flat surface!

Table tennis has been around for a hundred years and it's still the stuff of champions. From Special Olympics participants to World Cup players vying for a chance at an Olympic title, they all enjoy the challenge of putting a really good top spin on their ball, or walloping that smash shot that wins them the game. Pro Tour Championship games have huge prize purses.

In the past, table tennis virtuosos were born at kid's clubs, gyms, and arcades. But today, affordable ping pong tables are showing up in private game rooms everywhere.

Table tennis is enjoyable for both the novice and the hot-shot superstar. It is mentally challenging and great exercise. Some players exhibit extraordinary energy and exuberance. Others perform with the style and gracefulness of a ballerina.

Kids whose eyes are level with the table are especially good at successful trick shots. Watch out mom and dad, they'll quickly best you if you don't stay in practice!

Fortunately, manufacturers offer ping pong tables for both indoor and outdoor use. There are also foldable tables that can be toted to picnics or friend's houses. Regulation tables are 9 feet long, but smaller versions are also available.  Meeting hall versions have rollers and can be moved about. Conversion tables, (that couple ping pong with other games like foosball and air hockey), tend to be around 40" or so. Table tennis is a game that people of all shapes and sizes can thoroughly enjoy and at a price they can finally afford.



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