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Patio Heaters

Enjoy The Outdoors Year-Round With A Patio Heater

You’ve spent a lot of time designing your outdoor entertaining space, and keeping it comfortable for you and your visitors year-round is a great way to help encourage regular use. Serenity Health offers a wide variety of patio heaters that allow you to take full advantage of your alfresco oasis, even in below-zero temps and nippy climates. We’ve hand-picked high-quality electric patio heaters, propane patio heaters and tabletop heaters to ensure that the cold weather doesn’t deter you from fresh air. We also have a great variety of all-weather patio heater covers to keep your appliances in great shape while they’re not in use.

Whether you’re looking for a warmer for your home or need a heavy-duty commercial patio heater, Serenity Health has the right options for you. Each patio heater provides a 15- to 20-foot circle of warmth that raises outdoor temperatures 10 to 25 degrees, depending on the style you choose. Featuring adjustable temperature options, these heaters are excellent for warming up late-night barbecues, outdoor dinner parties and small gatherings that migrate outdoors. Choose from commercial-grade patio heaters to ensure that customers patronize your patio space year-round or pick up a convenient electric tabletop patio heater for your residential respite. We have styles providing between 4,000 and 50,000 BTUs at Serenity Health.

We also supply a huge selection of practical tabletop styles for compact, convenient heating wherever you go. In our store you’re sure to find the perfect tabletop patio heater — electric, torch-style or propane — to warm your bar, dining area or conversation space. This is an especially sensible option for small entertaining spaces like balconies and urban courtyards. You can also purchase smart tabletop patio heater covers from Serenity Health so that you don’t have to bring your heaters in every night. We always offer excellent prices, a price-match guarantee and free shipping on patio heater orders over $50.



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