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Stone Garden Fountains

Add Elegance & Tranquility To Your Outdoor Space With A Cast-Stone Fountain

Outdoor Fountain Buyer's Guide

You will love this exquisite selection of large outdoor fountains from Serenity Health. Most of these cast stone and granite water interests are freestanding, but you will also see many stunning items that look great up against any exterior wall. The soothing sounds of falling water cascading over rocks can help you create an environment that is relaxing and rejuvenating. Handcrafted by skilled artisans from all over the United States, these features and statuary water interests come in a variety of colors and sizes to beautifully accent your patio, deck or landscaping.

Outdoor landscape features stand out as part of any yard or patio, and you can get one of these charming wonders at the right price in our huge selection. Companies such as Campania International, Henri Studio, Gist Décor, Stonesmith and our own Sunnydaze Décor hire skilled artisans from around the world to craft each unique item. Be the envy of neighbors with a large three-tier fountain in your courtyard or let birds frolic in a medium bird bath in the flower bed. We have artistic yard statuaries as well with sculptures of people, animals and abstract concepts.

Welcome customers and guests to your business or establishment with one of our gorgeous décor. There are many items to choose from, so you are sure to find the perfect fit for your commercial space as well, one that can create a tranquil haven in your business complex, hotel courtyard or any number of commercial settings.

The selection of exquisitely designed and strikingly handsome Sunnydaze patio water features include designs that include slate staircase styles with copper accents, fabulous rippled slate textures with clocks and spotlights, layered pyramid slate designs, spiraling slate designs with LED lighting, stacked slate, tiered fountains and more. These designs blend beautiful textures, colors and designs that provide for a unique visual and aural water style experience that is second to none. From small to large, these beautiful patio items will not disappoint.

Small designs make a thoughtful and unique gift for any friend or family member that has access to an open-air space. These items can be set on a patio as well. In a world where stress plays a role in most everyone's life, you can be assured that a wall feature or any one of our beautiful garden items would be a gift that offers a promise of peace and tranquility to its recipient. Not sure which one would be the ideal fit? Send a Serenity Health Gift Certificate and let them choose!

Garden statuaries are also significant in this category as you will see many styles with animal shapes and uniquely carved and detailed. Another unique option is our wall fountains that offer a serene and natural appeal to your green space. Styles range from organic and traditional stone to contemporary al fresco features and decor.

Many of our free-standing yard water designs for sale are made from cast stone. These features are amazing feats of technology. Alkaline-resistant glass fibers are mixed with concrete to form a matrix that is not only lighter in weight but has more tensile strength than concrete alone. In fact, it has a shock-absorption rate several times higher than that of concrete.

Another advantage to glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) is the ability to mold it into intricately detailed shapes and designs. Course or fine concrete powders in various colors help manufacturers create the look of fine marble, rough or polished granite, terracotta or old-age chiseled stone. For these reasons, glass fiber reinforced concrete is the preferred material for outdoor living products, including planters and domes. GRFC products are lighter than natural stone but are durable enough to last many generations.

Because of their diverse nature, we have divided these cast stone fountains into three distinct categories:

Small Garden Fountains

Average height is about three feet. Fountains can be placed on the ground, on a pedestal or set on an patio table. Some are floor models that normally rest against a wall or divider. Although small, they are certainly interesting. No two are alike. The materials and styles vary from classic old-world styles to modern conceptions or bubbling rocks. Bring the serenity of trickling water to your patio, porch or compact courtyard with a one-of-a-kind small water feature from Serenity Health.

Medium Garden Fountains

Ranging in size from 3.5' to 7' tall and from 24" to 5' wide, this category is represented with artistic statues of animals and people, old-world elegance, and modern conceptualizations. Faux marble pieces are exquisitely polished and the terra cotta pieces look as if they aged 200 years before coming to your back yard. There are 138 products in this category, spanning 12 pages. You are sure to find the unique representation of your tastes. You will find many of the garden statuary styles here as well.

Large Garden Fountains

Beginning at 5' tall and reaching heights of 7' and widths of 7.5 feet, these stately water fountains are the perfect embellishment for large outdoor living areas where they can be properly exhibited. Our large outdoor fountains create an exquisite statement piece in any landscape, with each one offering a commanding appeal that’ll encourage guests to gather ‘round.

With such a large canvas to work from, artisans have taken advantage of the opportunity to make a grandiose statement. Whenever impression is important, large garden fountains fill the bill. Many of the pooled, large stone fountains would be a perfect focal point in a courtyard or common area for all to enjoy. Bring your resort landscaping to life with a tropics-inspired pineapple fountain or complement any architecture with one of our exquisite large wall fountains.

Hand-Carved Slate Fountains: Made Of Natural Material That Will Last Forever!

Our hand-carved multi-tier natural slate water fountains are simply MAGNIFICENT. Meticulously carved pools of flowing water interact with each other to make very beautiful, soothing waterfall sounds. You'll feel like you're out in a forest near a stream or river. Excellent for indoor or outdoor use, these slate fountains will turn your environment into a place of peace and relaxation.

You can choose from two or three-tier slate along with different diameters to essentially create the size you are looking for. Choose from mariposa slate from California, rajah slate from India or jade slate from China. Each fountain is like a work of art, and no two are exactly alike. The slate's texture, color and carved shape of the fountain you receive may not look exactly like the picture here, but it will be very similar and very beautiful. Be sure to see our many varieties of outdoor fountains for more ideas.

If you are looking for a lightweight fountain or something you are not seeing here, check out our many varieties of outdoor fountains. When you want a soothing outdoor water fountain low in cost and high in quality, look no further than our massive selection. We even price-match to make sure you get the best possible deal.



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