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Outdoor Wall Fountains

Exterior Wall-Mount Water Features Help Dress Up Your Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor Wall Fountains: Create Your Dream Patio

Wall-mounted water fountains designed for the outdoors can help you create the look and feel you’ve always dreamed of for your outdoor space. Whether you want to re-create the style of an English garden, a Tuscan villa, a Zen sanctuary or your own unique style, you’ll find something to love in our catalog. With these exquisite water fountains, outdoor living spaces go from enjoyable to extraordinary with the soothing sounds of nature.

A Beautiful Collection of Wall Fountains, Lightweight Enough to Hang without Special Reinforcements

Our lightweight outdoor wall fountains constructed of resin or fiberglass, are durable and care-free. Their weight doesn't require special reinforcement to mount them to your house, and their beauty is unsurpassed. Even floor-model spigot fountains can be placed into your yard without the back-breaking work required to move them when made from stone or concrete.

Designed for Gardens and Outdoor Rooms

Most of these outside wall fountains are constructed from a durable layered fiberglass, with a stunning weathered stone finish or real sandstone finish over the fiberglass. They are all lightweight and so durable they can withstand all kinds of outdoor weather conditions. Our outdoor wall fountains make beautiful, tranquil waterfall sounds that will soothe you and bring you much joy for many years.

Types of Exterior Outdoor Wall Fountains

Garden wall fountains come in two different types. The first is the wall-mounted version mentioned above, and the second is a garden fountain that is freestanding that is actually a wall or divider, meant for placement between garden elements or up against a wall. This type of wall fountain is substantial, often constructed of fiberglass and sometimes cast stone. With a wall-mounted fountain, outdoor walls and dividers will appear custom-carved. A freestanding outdoor wall fountain is equally as commanding but a bit more versatile in terms of mounting, since it can be installed just about anywhere.

Benefits of Fiberglass or Resin Wall Fountains

Our wall-mounted outdoor fountains are constructed from lightweight resin, so you don't have to worry about the weight of concrete on exterior walls. They will typically have a faucet outlet of a tiered bowl style in which the water cascades down. The best part? These materials are very lightweight, so you’ll be able to move your fountain whenever you please, whether you’re redecorating or storing your outdoor décor for the winter.

One of the most amazing things about composite fiberglass construction is the detail that is attainable. Not only do these replications of Old World fountains look like they are made of the stones, metals and concretes used during that era, but the faux carvings are so elegantly represented that you'll feel as if you stepped back in time.

The next thing that is impressive about fiberglass, is the kinds of finishes that can be attained. Anything from an aged bronze or copper, to the variegated colors of marble are available in these beautiful wall fountain designs.

Fiberglass or resin fountains don't weather badly nor do they succumb easily to hard water stains. Cleaning them is a simple matter of draining them on a regular basis and washing the interior with dish soap, using a soft cloth or soft bristled brush. They are not chemically sensitive to vinegar or lime cleaners, should that application become necessary.

Our outdoor wall fountains are designed to resemble antique wall fountains worth thousands of dollars. Our selection includes a range of styles, including:

  • Roman lion head fountains
  • French vines and vineyard designs
  • Mediterranean designs
  • French Quarter Fleur De Lis
  • Old English Hampshire designs
  • Asian-inspired designs
  • Nature-inspired designs

Standing garden wall fountains are extraordinary centerpieces for any outdoor living space. They typically span 3 to 4 feet in width and height, and contain deep water basins. They are available with single or multiple fountain heads. The pumps and lights are electric, and the cords tend to be approximately 20 feet long. These dignified freestanding fountains help to create an inviting space by providing moisture for surrounding plants, refreshment for birds and, of course, a topic of conversation for your guests.

Old World Style with Modern Convenience

Lightweight outdoor wall fountains are available in all the old-world styles. Mediterranean period-piece fountains are as elegant in fiberglass as they were in bronze. Spanish-style pieces are finished to resemble bronze or aged copper, and the wrought iron detailing makes them seem authentic. Old English styling is replete with arches and tiled granite features that seem apropos to religious relics. Tropical-influenced fountains with their framed pillars, include waterfall elements that make them unique in this class of water fountains.

Browse through many beautiful styles ranging from old world styles to themed wall fountains. All of these wall fountains are outdoor rated but can also be used indoors. They look great near a deck or patio or can be placed on a sunroom or porch. Find the perfect one today for your outdoor areas! 

Be sure to check out our entire selection of wall fountains for more.

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In our catalog, you will find many outdoor wall fountains that are very easy to hang on siding, brick, wood or any material of your home or garden wall. Not only will you create character, but you’ll have a secret place that you will want to escape to everyday. Be sure to see our selection of outdoor and garden fountains as well.



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