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Tiered Outdoor Fountains

Upgrade Your Outdoor Decor With A Classic Tiered or Lightweight Tiered Water Fountain

Outdoor Fountain Buyer's Guide

A tiered fountain is the perfect addition to any outdoor living space for both residential and large commercial establishments as a focal point in the courtyard. At Serenity Health, you’ll find tiered water fountains of all sizes in lightweight or cast stone materials and enjoy the beauty and the wonderful relaxing waterfall sounds as water cascades from tier to tier.

Tiered water fountains are what many people think of when you mention an outdoor fountain. Their vintage design, with water gently cascading from one level down to the next, remains a staple of many home and business landscapes. In addition to our premium Sunnydaze Décor tier fountains that ship the day you order, we have fountains from Henri Studios, Campania, Kenroy Home and other manufacturers that are custom-made right down to your choice of hand-painted finishes.

Courtyard fountains are the perfect addition to any yard, patio or courtyard. These beautiful tiered outdoor fountains truly bring beauty and provide the perfect focal point to your living space. A courtyard fountain can be the perfect gathering spot for groups, lunch, a resting area or play area for children.

Make A Statement with a Tiered Fountain

The concept of Tiered Outdoor Fountains is an ancient one. Today, in addition to creating lightweight replications of old-world classic fountains, designers have expanded on the concept. Tiered pouring pots, molded rock fountains and horizontal replications of table-top fountains in faux stone and lightweight aluminum are but a few of the exciting variations available. Two-, three- and four-tier fountains recreate the kind of Old World romance you might experience in the Boboli Gardens in Florence. They are available in a range of colors, from garden stone to black. You’re sure to find the fountain that matches your décor in our catalog.

You’ll find tiered outdoor fountains in all sizes, from 18-inch patio bubbler fountains to an 80-inch tall 4-tier water fountain that will tower over your landscape. The 3-tier fountain style is especially popular, being large enough to make a statement while still being easily movable and coverable. Depending on your preferences, you can order a cast stone courtyard fountain with unmatched detail and texture, or choose a fiberglass and resin fountain that’s lighter and easier to move. Go for traditional European elegance, contemporary waterfall flair, Asian Zen or any other style that suits your fancy.

Classic Tiered Fountains

You will find many stone tiered fountains as well as beautiful replications of historical fountains created primarily from fiberglass or resin. These materials help designers incorporate the intricate carved lips and bowls, common to the fountains of this era. They are lightweight and easy to clean and care for, and available in one to five tiers. Choose from upright pedestal models or wide-based centerpieces with a 100-inch diameter. Serenity Health offers everything from commanding 5-tier outdoor water fountains to compact single-tiered fountains that will enliven any compact exterior landscape.

Lightweight Materials

Concerns about size and weight often prevent people from taking advantage of the tranquility that fountains can provide. Our tier garden fountains are made from lightweight materials that make them easy to install without sacrificing that classic look and feel. Made of fiberglass or resin, these fountains make it possible for you to enjoy your fountain for years to come – even when it’s time to move to a new home. Even a 6' tall four-tiered fountain weighs less than 75 pounds when constructed from fiberglass or resin.

Tiered Pots

Depicted in both vertical and circular displays of overflowing pots or leaking bowls, these fountains are uniquely designed to incorporate ancient cultural elements into an artistic display that easily incorporates into outdoor living environments. Constructed of lightweight resin or cast stone, they are illuminated with LED lights for a nighttime effect that is as charming as its daytime counterpart. Tiered pots make the perfect courtyard fountain or porch décor but can also be integrated into your lush, natural landscape. Place one in the midst of your period garden for a soothing finishing touch.

Natural & Lush: The Rock Falls Tiered Outdoor Fountain

There’s nothing quite as awe-inspiring as a natural waterfall. While you may not have the time to visit Niagara, Yosemite or Angel Falls, you can experience the majesty of falling water every day in your own backyard with a rock falls fountain. Our rock falls fountains are equipped with LED lights – enjoy a star-lit waterfall on even the cloudiest nights! Tiered rock fountains house incandescent lily leaves or naturally formed rock cups that gently disburse rippling water from one tier to the other.

The musical sounds of water mingle with the illuminated bowls, to provide a scene that affects not only your sight and hearing, but the sense of repose that accompanies their presence. These lightweight resin fountains are easy to maintain and can be quickly moved from one area of the garden to another, so they’re perfect for both residential and commercial spaces requiring portability and practicality. You’ll find miniature rock waterfalls with layers of trickling cascades as well as large-scale styles that are sure to inspire a whole new landscape design.

Browse these beautiful fountains today to find the perfect addition to your yard or courtyard. Looking to bring a fountain to the courtyard? Consider one of these large stone outdoor fountains in your search!



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