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Iris Copper Waterfalls

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Iris Copper Waterfalls

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  • 24" wide x 22" deep x 60" high
  • Fountain Weight: 32 lbs
  • Ship Weight: 58 lbs.
  • Includes: Fountain and recirculating electric pump
  • Made in the USA


Lovely, soothing water sounds dance down this beautiful sculpted fountain. The Cooper Wall Fountain has a gorgeous elegant look, along with about 8 or 9 levels of flowing water. It creates a mesmerizing, gushing waterfalls sound that will soothe and relax you. In addition to the many copper water flow levels, there are many other sculpted copper leaves and adornments that add to the unique beauty of this fountain.

Features of the Iris Copper Waterfalls

  • A beautiful color tinted patina is applied to the copper surfaces, and heat-treated to endure outdoor conditions.
  • Fountain made for indoor and outdoors
  • All Harvey Gallery fountains are handmade at the time of order, so no two fountains are 100% alike

The water flows out from the top copper level and beautifully cascades down all the other copper levels in the curve, and then into the pool of water in the copper basin. The very strong (yet quiet) water pump circulates the water through the fountain, creating a continuously beautiful waterfalls experience.

A Since copper is a natural substance, and with each copper waterfalls being hand sculpted to order, please understand that the color and shape of your Copper Waterfalls may not look EXACTLY like what you see here in this picture, but it will be very similar. And the waterfalls sounds will be gushingly beautiful.

Placement & Care Of Your Copper Waterfalls: This fountain is fine for outdoors. Many people use it outdoors. Over time, copper can slowly oxidize in spots, creating what is called a "Verdigris" look. That means that in spots, the copper can get an antique greenish tint. Actually, most people find it quite appealing, feeling that it adds to the charm and rustic beauty of the fountain. NEVER USE COPPER CLEANER - This will remove the beautiful patina. If you want to clean the copper, it has been found that regular furniture polish, like Pledge or English Leather, lightly applied to a soft cloth, and gently rubbed over the surfaces of the copper, is excellent.

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