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Mayan Hammocks

Ancient Relaxation: Hand-Woven Hammocks

Elicit full-body serenity with one of these fantastic Mayan hammocks from Serenity Health & Home Décor. A Mayan hammock is defined by its unique diamond-shaped weave in bright colors, which has been hand-woven for exceptional quality and comfort. Mayan hammocks typically don’t include spreader bars, so they offer that classic draped hammock look. However, our Sunnydaze Décor collection does include some Mayan hammocks complete with stretcher bars for a more structured look. We have traditional Mayan hammocks without stands, Mayan hammocks with stands and even amazing hammock chairs in this selection.

Transform your outdoor living space into a haven of rest and relaxation with a Sunnydaze Mayan hammock from Serenity Health. These beautiful hammocks are hand-woven with soft, comfortable materials like cotton rope and are available in a full suite of colorful designs to match your exterior décor. We also have portable hammocks by Sunnydaze for those looking to take their chill sessions on the go. You’ll get same-day shipping, a price-match guarantee and free shipping on many of these hand-woven hammocks from Serenity Health. Explore our complete selection of hammocks for more.

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