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Turn Your Backyard Into A Relaxing Retreat

The outdoor hammocks for sale at Serenity Health & Home Décor include premium styles and handcrafted designs for rest and relaxation. We offer premium indoor hammock options with or without hammock stands, giving you the power to choose. Stretch out in a roomy hammock chair or full-length hammock for one, or share a relaxing afternoon in a hammock for two. For reading, napping, or simply listening to the sounds of nature, everything is better in a hammock. Relaxing in one of our beautiful yard hammocks, freestanding hammocks or hammocks with stands can melt away the stress of the day. Enjoy the sunshine and fresh air as you sway gently with the breeze.

Patio Garden Hammocks

A hammock from a patio or deck rafter, or purchase one of our premium-quality hammock stands to make yours a portable hammock that you can set up without a tree or post. We have outdoor hammock chairs in a plethora of colors and sizes. Shop our new American-style lounging hammock designs.

Hand-Woven Hammocks

We offer a range of beautiful handmade hammocks, including Brazilian, Caribbean rope hammocks and Mayan styles. Our hand-woven hammocks are available in a range of sizes with patterns and colors that look great in any setting. Some include spreader bars so you can lay flat or curl up under a tree. We have hand-woven hammocks created by Mayans in Mexico, where hammocks were first used more than 1,000 years ago. Each hand crafted hammock is unique.

Camping Hammocks

Camping hammocks offer a more comfortable alternative to sleeping on the ground. With our durable, weather-resistant tree straps, setting up your hammock in the wilderness is easier than pitching a tent. Or, use a hammock stand to set up your campsite hammock inside a cabin or under a covered canopy.

Indoor Hammocks

Chair hammocks, swings or Myan, Brazilian, or camping hammock beds can take the place of “traditional” recliners and mattresses, and are just as comfortable. They’re perfect for bedrooms, apartments or places where space is limited or for those looking for to create a relaxing haven indoors that a hammock provides. Hammocks are a fun alternative to a blow-up bed when guests arrive at your home.

Hammock Buying Guide

At Serenity Health & Home Décor, our selection offers something for everyone. However, we understand that the sheer volume of choices we offer can be overwhelming. To make finding the right hammock easier, we have created a comprehensive hammock buying guide to help you find the style that’s just right for you.

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Hammocks offer an inexpensive, comfortable place to rest, rejuvenate or enjoy fresh air and the sights and sounds of nature. Serenity Health has the best selection you’ll find anywhere. Our price-match guarantee ensures you will be buying your premium hammock at the lowest price. View our extensive line to find the right hammock for your needs. Contact our friendly, knowledgeable staff with any questions.