Grace Note Chimes

Grace Note Chimes - Earthsong Series

Grace Note Chimes

Grace Note Chimes - Earthsong Series

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  • Little Earthsong: 7/16"D tube, 24" overall length; 1 lb. - Chord: E minor 7/11 Notes: EGABDE
  • See below for images of each stock engraving
  • Petite Size: 3/4"D tube , 30" overall length; 1lb. - Chord: A minor 7/11, Notes: ACDEGA
  • Small Size: 7/8"D tube, 36" overall length; 2 lbs. - Chord: E minor 7/11, Notes: EGABDE
  • Medium Size: 1 1/4"D tube, 42" overall length; 4 lbs. - Chord: E minor 7/11, Notes: EGABDE
  • Large Sizes: 1 1/2"D tube, 54" overall length; 6 lbs. - Chord: A minor 7/11, Notes: ACDEGA
  • Extra Large Sizse: 1 3/4"D tube, 62" overall length,; 12 lbs. - Chord: C minor 7/11, Notes: DFGACD
  • Super Large Size: 2 1/4"D tube, 72" overall length; 18 lbs. - Chord: A minor +11, Notes: ACDE
  • No additional charge for stock engraving only personalized engravings
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Tuned to the pentatonic scale of ancient origin where East meets West, their compelling harmony is still heard in many styles of music and various cultures. Thanks to their precise tuning, exquisite construction and soothing sounds, the Grace Note Chimes Earthsong Windchimes make an excellent gift for the windchime collector on your list! You can add your own special touch with custom-engraved windchimes from our store, perfect for wedding gifts, housewarming gifts, business-opening gifts and more.

Designed for ultimate clarity of tone and resonance, Grace Note's Classical Chimes feature a unique pinned suspension device combined with superior materials and craftsmanship. Available in petite, small medium, large and extra-large. These precision-tuned wind chimes have earned the reputation of being the most musical chimes on the market.

Available in five sizes and 6 different tunings, these chimes offer a broad spectrum of tones and prices to fit most every person's needs. All tunings are in the key of C, with corresponding notes and chord engraved on each wind plate. Classic Chimes are hand crafted from thick tempered aluminum tubing with a soft brushed finish. Each chime features composite lumber (sawdust and recycled plastic) strikers. Composite lumber is environmentally friendly and also creates a better sound than wood. The strikers are not subject to drying or cracking and require no maintenance.

These magnificent chimes can further be enhanced with engraving, pike from the stock list or have your own personal engraving placed on the paddle of the chime. We're more than happy to help you create the perfect personalized windchimes for you or your recipient, regardless of if you're shopping for thoughtful wedding gifts, unique corporate gifts or simply some bespoke outdoor decor!

Custom engraving is available for a corporate logo or image of your choice. The price for this is a $99.95 initial, one-time set up fee and then $6.95 for each paddle engraved. Please call us at 1-888-881-4668 for information or quotes on custom engraving.

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