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Outdoor Gas Fire Pits

Propane & Liquified Petrolium (LP) Gas Provide Fire Without The Wood Smell

Fire Pit Buyer's Guide

Clean Burning Natural Gas, LP & Propane Fire Pits for Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor propane and Natural Gas fire pits offer an alternative to wood burning pits and are often sought after as the small models are more transportable and offer the flexibility with no mess or ash.  You will also find many larger table style models of gas fire pits that are perfect for the patio and even to double as a table!  This is an excellent alternative to wood burning models for areas that have burning restrictions or in locations that wood burning pits are not practical. You will fall in love with the unique artistic fire bowls that have gas options as well. They are hand crafted and truly stunning. 

LP Gas/Propane vs. Natural Gas Fire Pits

Gas fire pits can be installed outdoors using existing natural gas lines, or they can use propane tanks. Propane fire pits are more portable and can easily be moved wherever needed. For safety reasons, natural gas fire pit installation should be completed by a licensed contractor who has the skills and knowledge to work with your natural gas lines.

Gas Fire Pit Safety

Every gas fire pit has a BTU rating and smaller ratings generally mean a safer fire, which is desirable especially if you live in a windy area or if children play near the fire. Safety is the most important priority, so don’t cut corners in order to have a cheaper installation process. Professional installation RECOMMENDED.  You will also want to check with local authorities to make sure your pit is up to code.

Check out the fire glass that looks great and is perfect for gas and propane fire pits. Also, see our guide for keeping your fire pit looking and working great.


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