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Bird Bath Fountains

Add A Beautiful Bird Bath Or Bird-Friendly Fountain To Your Outdoor Space!

Outdoor Fountain Buyer's Guide

Your birds are sure to love the many different birdbaths and fountains we have to offer. Many of our garden fountain products can also serve as a birdbath. Your feathered friends will keep coming back bringing life to your outdoor surroundings.  The birds along with the sounds of flowing garden fountain water will create an outdoor area you will find yourself trying to sneak away to every day!  Below you will find a variety of garden fountains and birdbaths, sure to find one that goes perfectly with your landscaping and gardens.

Bird bath Fountains have the advantage of performing a dual role in your outdoor living space. The moving water attracts birds, because it is clean and refreshing. Pedestals are designed in a variety of shapes, and the ornamentation is wildly imaginative.

Bird baths have the distinction of being extremely shallow, usually no more than 2" in depth. Birds don't swim, per se. Instead, they stand in the water and dip their bodies in and out of it. They also need a wide brim in order to quickly escape from intruding cats, or larger birds that are a danger to them. Many who have birdbaths in their yard also plant a variety of trees and bushes suitable to the bird's diets.

The fountains in this category are largely constructed from Fiber-Stone - a fiberglass/resin material that is lightweight and can be construed to match any natural element. There are also metal birdbaths, solar birdbaths, and  tiered fountains with shallow upper bowls, specifically designed to attract your feathered friends.

We not only carry traditionally-designed birdbaths, we also offer modern conceptualizations of the theme. Square pedestals with expansive flat bowls are stately and make a bold statement. Tiered bowls, each pouring into another, deliver a totally unique method of providing for a bird's daily rituals. Statuette pedestals provide an artistic vein to the birdbath theme. Shells and rock themes, are equally as innovative.

It is important to maintain bird baths on a weekly basis. Birds stay away from dormant or algae-ridden water. With today's bird bath water fountains, maintenance is easy. Drain the water and wipe down the bowl surface with dish soap and a soft cloth. Be sure to check the pump to ensure it hasn't become inundated with algae, as well. With a little care and a cat free yard, the birds will flock to your proffered birdbath.  

Browse our many other garden fountain varieties and you will find many solar fountains, fiberglass water fountains, rock waterfalls and the very popular garden wall fountains.  Purchase your garden fountain today!  It is sure to bring serenity and stress relief to your surroundings.



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