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Rock Enclosures

Create A Beautiful Landscape With A Fake Rock Enclosure

Rock enclosures are the perfect way to conceal unsightly yard and garden elements, including wells, septic equipment, utilities, irrigation and pool equipment. They’re also a great solution for bringing added beauty and dimension to your landscaping, especially if you like the look of natural stone. Serenity Health is the best place to purchase fake rock covers for concealment and landscape design, because we always offer free shipping on orders over $50 plus a price-match guarantee. We provide realistic, high-quality artificial rock enclosures in two finish options to blend perfectly with your natural landscape.

Each fake rock is made from true-to-life RealRock material that looks and feels just like genuine rock, with a gritty, textured feel and variegation. Because the finish is part of the material and not painted on, these outdoor fake rock covers will stand up to the elements, including cold weather, moisture, UV damage, insect damage and mold. They’re also designed for super-simple assembly and transport thanks to their ultra-lightweight feel. Each artificial rock cover comes with an easy-assembly mounting system with durable closures to prevent tampering.

Serenity Health supplies a large variety of fake rocks, including fake rock covers for wells, septic systems, pipes and backflows as well as stylish faux rock planters that make the perfect place for housing your permanent porch or patio plants. We also offer accessories, including air vents and insulated pouches for outdoor pipes, to ensure that your outdoor piping and equipment is protected from the elements. Each natural-looking fake rock is made in the U.S. for superior quality and features a crack-resistant material that is especially well-suited for placement in environments that experience sub-freezing temperatures.



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