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Water Fountain & Landscape Lighting

Create A Unique Nighttime Focal Point By Illuminating Your Fountain With Elegant Lighting

Want to transform your outdoor water fountain or sculpture into a brilliant piece of landscape lighting? Serenity Health has the perfect solution: water fountain lights. These smart luminaires are easy to attach or implement into your water fountains and garden statues to highlight their beauty and dimension. Use a single submersible fountain light or an entire set to brighten up your landscape with brilliant colors and shadow effects. We offer multi-colored LED landscape lights for water fountains that you can pepper throughout your property to highlight your water features, birdbaths and garden sculptures.

Illuminate the surface of your fountain, water sculpture or pond for an intriguing glow, or place them around a fountain to make a shining nighttime centerpiece. A submersible fountain light kit opens up additional possibilities, as shining a beam up from the basin of your birdbath or garden fountain provides a glittering aquatic glow that creates an air of intrigue. Our premium single light and multi-light kits can be used by homeowners and businesses alike to welcome visitors and create a dazzling effect at parties and gatherings. You can also get solar-on-demand fountain lights that automatically charge during the day for all-night glow.

Use underwater fountain lighting to show your indoor or outdoor fountain

Serenity Health has the best selection of lights for water fountains. Whether you want to retrofit them to illuminate the surface of your fountain or place them on the ground around it, these water fountain lights are absolutely ideal. To add even more intrigue to your already-beautiful indoor or outdoor water fountains, pick up a set of low-priced submersible LED fountain lights in a variety of colors. Our LED lights for water fountains offer beautiful light that uses up to 90 percent less energy than incandescent lights. We offer submersible fountain lights with transformers and various colored lenses. Pick up one of these low-cost water feature lighting kits and get same-day shipping from Serenity Health.

We carry fountain lights in all sizes for any type of outdoor water fixture. Each water fountain light kit comes with everything you need for easy installation, including long cords for wiring to electrical outlets several feet away. You can even pick up water fountain light timers that allow you to schedule the exact times you want the lights to illuminate. Serenity Health & Home Décor also has exquisite pond lighting kits that you can use to draw attention to your landscape’s ponds and estuaries. If you prefer a separate lighting element that blends into your natural environment, pick up one of our LED Solar Rock Lights featuring a durable rock-shaped housing and automatic on and off functions. Our low prices and free same-day shipping on qualifying orders make it easy and affordable to light up your favorite residential or commercial water features.





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