Fountain Pump FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Water Fountain Pumps – What size is right for your water fountain?


Finding a replacement pump for your fountain can be very overwhelming!  We are here to help and we get many questions a day about finding the right model.  Below you will see some general guidelines on how to select a pump for your indoor or outdoor water fountain.


Pumps with a WT model number can be used on indoor or outdoor fountains.  This means they have a 3 pin plug.  The WP pumps and Mini Jet Pumps are rated for Indoor Use Only, only a 2 Pin plug.  You will also see that some models have an on/off switch on the cord while others you just have to unplug and plug back in.  Keep this in mind when selecting a replacement for your water fountain or pond. 


You will see the abbreviations GPH when looking at the specs.  This stands for Gallons Per Hour.  This is what determines the flow rate of your fountain.  An example, a small tabletop fountain such as the Water Bell Fountain, would only need a pump that pushed 50-100 gallons per  hour.  A wall fountain such as the Inspiration Falls would need a larger pump like the WT 470 which pushes 370 Gallons Per Hour.


You will also need to look at the “Max Head” information.  This is the maximum height that pump will push water.  Your fountain will need one that can push water from the base, where the pump sits, up to the distribution unit of your fountain.  You will always want a pump with a max head higher than the height you need because at the Max Height the water flow is no longer as strong.  For example, look at this fountain, the Cascade Springs, it is 54” Tall.  From basin to distribution the height is a little over 4 feet.


Also look at the outlet tube size to be sure the tube that came with your fountain will fit the opening in the pump. This is pretty standard but just to be sure it will work.  The measurement should be the inside diameter of the tube that came with your fountain.  


All of the submersible pumps we carry are adjustable so you will be able to adjust the flow speed.  A flow speed set too high or a pump that is too powerful for your fountain will cause splashing.


We are always here to help in the selection of your new fountain pump.  We will just need to know what water fountain you have or the dimensions as described above. You can simply email us your information or call us at 1-888-881-4668 and we will be happy to make a recommendation.  Shop for replacement fountain pumps now.