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Foosball Tables

Football, Soccer, & Foosball All In One Game Table!

Foosball is the other Game of Champions

It is heart-pounding, muscle challenging, adrenaline-pumping fun so no matter if you call it foosball or table soccer you are sure to have fun!

When choosing a foosball table, size matters. Face it, the warning on a car mirror applies! "Objects in rooms will be larger than you think." Tables range from 47" to 59" long and from 20" to 30" wide. Consider your 6' tall muscle-bound champion, when debating your floor space. You'll want to allow enough room for his wide-gaited moves!

For the foosball aficionado, we respectfully suggest our longest table, measuring in at a whopping 59." This foosball table comes equipped with steel roller bearings for quick-as-lightning responsiveness, and unbreakable players that can handle your best stop-action defense.

The days when foosball tables were difficult to locate, unsuitable for outdoor use, and easily dislodged, are gone forever. Today's manufacturers love the game as much as you do. They've thought of everything.

For commercial arcade owners, we offer the finest commercial foosball tables available. They're smarter too. Playing fields can be detached for repair, and in some instances, entire sections can be quickly dismantled for easy access. Other improvements include conveyor belt ball feeds, hydraulic struts, telescopic steel rods, and playing field levelers inside the cabinet. Modern coin-op foosball tables are an investment that survives your wildest patron's enthusiasm!

Outdoor foosball tables use water resistant glues, stainless steel parts and marine quality woods. If aesthetics matter, match your man-cave decor with sexy chrome, manly oak, or mahogany Queen-Ann-Style tables, with carved legs.

Engineers appear to be avid table soccer players, as well. Today's mechanisms are smooth, solid and responsive. Counter-balanced men, specialty grips, pinball action, improved leveling, better support systems, and carefully constructed ball returns are just a few of the features available

Football tables are perfect for every game room.  Known as soccer in America and football/futbol everywhere else, you can own a table soccer game or football table game today!  They are tons of fun for the entire family.  They take up about as much space as a kitchen or dining room table and provide interactive entertainment for everyone.

Foosball tables come in many different styles and designs. so you are sure to find one that fits your needs. Would you rather an "Italian-Style" or a "French-Style"? A plastic or wood grip? Is it strictly for recreational use, or will you be holding tournaments? These are all good questions to ask yourself as you browse through our selection. It doesn't matter if you pick one because it matches your playing style or because of the size, a foosball table is a smart investment. Once you've found one you like it's almost time to buy it. Make sure you go over all the information that we have listed. You'll want to make sure that it will fit in the area you have set aside for it. If you're going to store your foosball table in a garage or other outdoor area, you're going to want to avoid wood.

How Hard is the Game?

Foosball is an easy game to learn and adapts to everyone’s skill level.  There is no such thing as “too hard” when it comes to foosball.  Everyone, young and old, can play!  You will find all the best brands of foosball tables, including Viper, Garlando, Shelti, and even an official MLS foosball table.  If you do not think a foosball table is right for you, be sure to check out all our other table games, including air hockey, ping-pong, and more! 

Advanced users can check out our Garlando Foosball Tables.

To play table soccer, competitors line up on each side of the table and use rods connected to plastic figures on the “field” to control the movement of the ball.  Each team typically has 6 rods to control, though this can vary depending on the size of the foosball table.  The game starts with the ball being rolled down the middle of the field between the two center rods.  Each player twists the rods to kick the ball or to block it, while simultaneously pulling and pushing the rods to position the players near the ball.  The six rods are connected to different numbers of model players depending on the position on the field.  For example, the offensive rod in the middle of the “field” will have more players attached than the defensive rod in the back.  The goalie rod only contains one player.



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