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Fire Pit Tables

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Fire Pit Buyer's Guide

Great Gatherings Start Around Fire Pits

Fire pit tables are the ultimate way to enhance and decorate an outdoor deck or patio.  A fire pit table is perfect for the warmth and fully functional as a table to gather and eat around as well. Add fire pit glass and you now have a unique elegance and style too!

Fire Table Fuel Options

Many fire tables are fueled by natural gas or LP gas (propane). These fuels are much cleaner burning than wood, so your dining experience isn’t hampered by smoke getting into your face while you eat. Additionally, the fire burns brighter, making an attractive centerpiece to your outdoor dinner party.

Natural gas fire pit tables can be hooked up to your home’s gas line, making it easy to flip a switch when you want to have a fire. Professional installation for these tables is highly recommended. You can also choose a fire table with a propane tank if you do not want to connect to your gas line, or if you plan on moving the table from one place to another.

Some of our wood burning firepits have a ledge wide enough to use as a table, so be sure to check out our full selection.

Fire Pit Table Safety

Safety is very important with any fire pit, but especially on table models, where people are in very close proximity to the flames. Be sure to follow all local ordinances and don’t cut corners with installation. Professional installation RECOMMENDED.


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