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Fire Glass

Dress Up Your Fireplace Or Gas Fire Pit With Colorful Fire Glass

Contemporary fire-lovers won’t mind replacing their hefty log stack with exquisite fire glass. This tempered glass material withstands high heat without melting or burning and increases your fire pit or fireplace’s color and reflection. The best part? Fire glass is incredibly beautiful and brings a unique, colorful spirit to your fireside gathering space. Serenity Health & Home Décor offers .75-inch fire glass, .5-inch fire glass, fire beads, lava rock and recycled glass for your fireplace or pit. Choose from a wide range of beautiful colors to match your unique décor.

Serenity Health & Home Décor offers fire glass by the pound, so you can mix and match with whatever color combinations you’d like. We also have smooth glass fire beads that have been tumbled and polished to ensure that there are no sharp edges as well as cool lava rock and sand that provides the same convenience of gas fire pit glass with the natural, down-to-earth aesthetic of rock and sand. Take advantage of our price-match guarantee to ensure that you get the lowest possible price on fire glass from Serenity Health.



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