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Engraved Stones

Give Personalized Gifts That Will Last Forever: Shop For Engraved Rocks & Stones

Have your expressions of love or inspiration etched in stone. These engraved stones and unique engraved gifts are perfect for any time of the year, and make great gifts for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, weddings, birthday gifts, graduation gifts and all occasions, and make meaningful personalized garden stones. Use the engraved natural river stones as gifts of love, or as functional items, such as desktop paperweights, or as large garden stones, pet memorials, welcome stones, or as great enhancements to our beautiful tabletop water fountains.

Engraved word stones and personalized garden stones are the perfect way to say what you want.  They definitely will last a lifetime!  Choose from pocket word stones up to large custom engraved stones.  The larger engraved stones can usually fit anything you would like on them, they range from 6" to 12" in length and come in various shapes.  The large engraved stones also make great pet markers and memorials.  You will also find various other engraved gifts such as business card holders, bud vases, heart shaped engraved rocks and more! 

Placing your engraved rock by a garden fountain can create a serene place to remember and think while enjoying the outdoors.  A garden water fountain can also bring birds to your outdoor space and create peaceful water sounds to enjoy every day. Shop our large selection now.