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Electric Patio Heaters

Enjoy More Time Outdoors In Fall & Winter With An Electric Patio Heater

Outdoor electric patio heaters are the perfect way to ensure that your outdoor living space gets year-round use. Perfect for commercial and residential placement, these super-efficient halogen and infrared patio heaters are affordable to operate and safe to use. Serenity Health & Home Décor has a variety of electric patio heaters to warm your unique space, including wall-mounted, tabletop, freestanding and hanging patio heaters. Enjoy free shipping and a price-match guarantee when you buy yours from our store.

Looking for a truly unique way to bring warmth to your outdoor dining space? You’ll love our halogen umbrella patio heater that nestles beneath your pre-existing patio umbrella. Additional low-profile options include hanging patio heaters that look like light fixtures and wall-mounted styles that won’t deter from your outdoor décor. Halogen patio heaters are substantially less expensive to operate than propane styles and run on your regular household electrical current. We also have infrared patio heaters with lamps that run for thousands of hours.



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