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Dog Kennels & Crates

Looking For The Perfect Dog Kennel Or Crate? You'll Find It Here 

We all feel bad when we have to confine our dog - whether it's for travel, medical reasons, training reasons, or because their breed does best outdoors. But today's dog crates are so superior to those in the past, we need worry no more!

Our dog crates are top quality and offer your pet an extra level of comfort and protection. Whether you're looking for something that your pet can travel in or sleep in at night we have the perfect dog cages.  The soft crates are great for travel too, they are light-weight and easy to carry and the metal crates heavy-duty and long lasting. Whatever your choice will be, you can't make a bad decision. Look over our great selection and pick out your small or large crate today.

Although dog crates and kennels are important and you want to make the the style and size is a good fit for you dog, what you put inside the crate is also important.  Crate or kennel beds are available in many styles, sizes and colors so you are sure to find the perfect fit for your dog kennel.

Keep in mind, kennels are not only used outdoors to keep your dog at bay while you are gone during the day, but are also key for traveling with your dog and for their own comfort and peace of mind while they sleep or spend their days and nights indoors.  Here are some quick overviews of the various types of pet crates, carriers and barriers.

Wire Crates

Wire dog crates are designed with functional embellishments and realistic design elements. The improvements are too numerous to mention, but this list covers many:

  • Two way doors
  • Smooth plastic bases to protect floors and make pet pads fit more comfortably
  • Pen designs, (rather than crate design)
  • Crates with no bottoms
  • Wooden framed crates for strength and appeal
  • Wooden crate covers for end-table appeal
  • Open tops, removable tops
  • Pan guards
  • Expandable, (to accommodate more than one pet, or to make more portable)
  • Side Door Access - sometimes for pets, sometimes for owners
  • Foldable
  • Crate Dolly for moving crates
  • Fashionable colors with matching pads and covers
  • Side pads
  • Wicker Styling
  • Enclosed, (like a den), with Side Entry
  • Pet training crates with rollers
  • Portable expandable kennel styles - available with or without top.

Soft Crates

Soft dog crates have many advantages. They provide your dog a quiet environment. They are easily stored. They more-easily double as a traveling tote. The sides can be opened for ventilation or closed for sleeping. Many soft crates also offer these options:

  • Foldable
  • Side or front entry
  • Extraordinarily strong materials
  • Can be secured to the ground with tent-like stakes
  • Available in Play Pen designs

Wooden & Wicker Dog Crates

Wooden crates are specifically designed to emulate end tables and furniture. These beautiful crates are finished in Mahogany, Chestnut, Espresso and other fine finishes. Some versions have doors that open to the inside, tucking safely out of the way, for easier in-out access.

Wicker Dog crates are resin cages with the look and feel of fine wicker. They have attractive designs that allow for plenty of ventilation while providing a den-like environment for your dog. The side-entry wicker crate is especially attractive.

Plastic Dog Carriers

Pet carriers with attachable water bowls and top tier storage compartments are far more comfortable than their predecessors. They are perfectly suitable for airport travel or for journeys in the car.

Dog Gates & Pet Barriers

Dog gates are important considerations when guests come, or when pets need to be separated from small children. Today's gates have exceptionally long bases to prevent tilting, and the Crate-n-Gate design is an innovative approach to gating unusual configurations.

Pet barriers have become important considerations for both the safety of our pets and ourselves. Pets can be thrown into the upper seats even during near-miss situations. They are easily injured, and might even injure those they land upon. There are pet barriers in every material from nylon netting to aluminum bar construction.


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