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Dog Beds

Pamper Your Pooch: Find The Perfect Dog Bed For Your Best Friend  

Find beds for large and small dogs including pillow beds, donut dog beds, memory foam and orthopedic dog beds, dog furniture and more! We proudly carry the top of the line dog brands so you can rest assured you are getting the most in every bed you see for your pampered pooch. 

A dog bed is a very important purchase as a pet owner.  Whether you are in the hunt for a discount dog bed or a luxury bed for your dog, you have come to the right place. It is important to know your dog and know the type of bed they would like!  For example, large breed dogs need a large bed while small dogs tend to like to "snuggle" more so a donut dog bed or buttercup style would be more appropriate.  You will also find a large selection of orthopedic beds for large and small breeds as well as many fabrics and colors.  If you are looking for a dog bed to match your furniture or simply a dog couch to go next to your own you will find it here!  Shop around, see what you find, we are always here to help and answer questions.

It is important to measure your dog and/or the sleeping space they currently use before choosing a pet bed. A properly sized bed will provide optimal warmth, comfort and security.  You will also want to consider sleeping habits to choose the best type of bed.  Here are some common sleep positions for dogs and the type of bed that may be a good fit.

Does your dog sprawl out on his back or stomach, putting his legs out behind him?

If so, will probably enjoy a Mammoth Donut or an Oblong Orthopedic bed that allows him to stretch out while sinking luxuriously into the cushion.  You can find both by clicking here.

Does he nestle or lean his head against the arm rest and bury his back inside the cushions?

A Double Donut Bed with its comfortable back rest, or a Quiltie Round bed might fit the bill.

Does he wedge his head between the arm rest and the back of the couch?

A dog couch will help him zone in on that firm L-shaped contour.

Does he curl up in a circle, putting his feet near his back legs?

Round pillows and open donuts might provide the perfect den for his needs.

No matter which position your dog seems to prefer, there are beds that can accommodate them. Today's beds for dogs are made from washable, stain-resistant fabric in the kinds of colors that are pleasant for you, as well. Cushions are high quality furniture grade materials and memory foams designed to provide lasting support.

And don't forget about outdoor comfort. Camping trips, outdoor barbecues and other activities are a lot more comfortable for your dog if they can den on something familiar and get off the cold ground for a while. There are travel beds and bed cots that fit this purpose beautifully.  

Making your dog comfortable is a pleasure that doesn't have to be a design disaster, thanks to the amazing beds available today.


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