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Copper Tabletop Fountains

Exquisite Indoor Copper Fountains, Hand-Crafted By Gifted Artists

Enjoy the serene sounds of flowing water and the artistry of natural copper with our copper tabletop fountains from Serenity Health & Home Décor. Our indoor copper fountains are designed to replicate the soothing sounds of a country stream or babbling brook, transform your work or home environment into one of tranquility. We have designs that will complement traditional or modern home and office décor.

With our copper water fountains, you can add tranquility and inner peace to your room of choice. Copper creates a warm feeling that will complement the soothing water sounds of copper fountains indoors. Our designs create an elegant look that will impress your family and guests at home and your clients at your office. Our copper tabletop fountains for sale are splendid buys for hotel lobbies, country clubs and fine restaurant lobbies. Unlike a cumbersome full-size fountain, a compact table top water fountain makes a welcome, affordable gift.

By combining two age-old earth elements that go hand in hand, our copper water fountains offer natural charm in a size that fits smaller spaces. Choose a handmade copper bowl fountain, Asian-style rectangular copper fountain, upright waterfall fountain or another alluring design from this adaptable material. A recirculating electric pump allows you to experience the soothing sounds of babbling brooks and country streams from the comfort of your home or office.

Bringing nature indoors with an indoor copper fountain will add a natural beauty and provide an essence of nature, which is known to relieve stress and can even lead to quicker healing according to some fans. Fall in love with the soothing water sounds as water falls into the copper basin of the fountain. We have fountains for sale to fit all tastes and price ranges with free same-day shipping on many items.

Copper tabletop fountains combine two earth-friendly elements, copper and water. Copper and water are age-old friends. Copper gains a rich patina when moisture is present, meaning your indoor fountain basin will gradually transform for additional elegance. While it ages, it releases its coppery properties and helps keep water clean.

Note: Although algae are less likely to develop in the presence of copper, it can still overcome copper's properties if the fountain is not cleaned regularly. Avoid this dilemma by purchasing our water fountain cleaning and maintenance supplies.

Copper is such a malleable material, it can be wielded into any shape. Copper bowls are distinctly-shaped vessels with purposeful intent. Copper frames are never singularly shaped. They are purposed to artfully retain waterfall elements. Asian elements are incorporated into our tabletop fountains in copper with a rectangular or square-shaped copper bowl fountain. These fountains are inspired by architectural masterpieces native to those regions. Some of our compact copper fountains have slate, stones, lights and other decorative touches for character and warmth.

Our copper tabletop fountains are comprised of these assorted features and designs:

Shallow Rectangular and Square Pieces pull water toward a slightly elevated central point where it trickles downs rocks, steps or other centerpieces. Often reminiscent of the way rain trickles into and fills planted fields, these lovely pieces showcase the movement of glistening water.

Upright Tabletop Water Fountains are often referred to as waterfalls. The center plate is sometimes lighted, engraved, divided into two panels or embellished with natural elements. Slate is the common material used as the backdrop for these elegant waterfalls. Its texture encourages water to flow in rivulets along the variegated strata.

Copper Bowl Tabletop Fountains often incorporate elements of nature. Sometimes the water trickles off a main centerpiece. Or, the water can be routed through bamboo, spigots or other pouring features. Features such as water chimes and vases combine to make copper bowl tabletop fountains a rich focal point.

Also shop our copper wall fountains. We carry a variety of other styles of tabletop fountains in different materials to accent any room in your home. Find your inner Zen today with a masterpiece copper water fountain!



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