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Comfort Den Bolster Dog Beds

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Comfort Den Bolster Dog Beds

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  • Small Bed: 18" W x 30" D
  • Medium Bed: 25" W x 36" D
  • Large Bed: 31" W x 50" D
  • Extra Large Bed: 35" W x 58" D
  • Giant Bed: 41" W x 62" D
  • Mega Bed: 45" W x 70" D
  • Huge Bed: 57" W x 82" D
  • High quality dog bed made in the USA with memory foam and many color options
  • Crypton and soft faux leather materials have upcharges
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Bring your dog comfort on their entire body with this bed that will hold its shape for a lifetime!  Typically, inner spring mattress orthopedic dog beds, regular foam orthopedic dog beds, egg crate foam orthopedic dog beds, shredded foam orthopedic dog beds and polyfill dog beds all compress and compact at the points where the most weight is applied, which in turn, counteracts that pressure and builds resistance at those points. Thus, you toss and turn during the night trying to relieve these pressure points, but they soon develop again. This is why you, or your pet, wake up sore and exhausted.

See Dog Bed Colors and Fabrics The science to these orthopedic Comfort Den dog beds is that the memory foam does not counteract pressure. When weight is applied to the memory foam dog beds, the pressure is spread out, and the foam conforms to your pet's body. With a Max Comfort orthopedic dog bed you will notice an immediate improvement in your dog's rest.

These beds come with a zippered cover for easy removal and cleaning. The cover has an extra long zipper that goes over half way around the bed for easy maintenance. No poly-fill or shredded foam. Additional zippered covers are available also for this bed. You may also upgrade your foam thickness from 4" to 6" or 8" thickness depending on your dog's needs.

Read more Facts about why Max Comfort Orthopedic Dog Beds are worth the Money!

Microfiber Faux Suede:Microfiber faux (simulated) suede is ultra soft and very durable. This water resistant fabric is low maintenance, stain resistant and breathable. It has great color depth and withstands hundreds of washings when used for our BioMedic dog beds with removable covers. For our sofa beds you'll be amazed how well it cleans with just a damp cloth.

Faux Leather:Faux (simulated) leathers have excellent durability. This is a heavy vinyl with a leather like grain. They clean by wiping with water and mild dish soap. Faux leathers are waterproof.

Vinyl:These are commercial quality vinyls. Thick 29 ounce and very heavy duty. Wipes clean with mild dish soap.

Cordura:Our 1000 Dernier Cordura Nylon is for "chew resistant" dog beds. You may select this for any of our dog beds or sofa beds. Knowing what a 150 pound dog on a mission can do we will never call any fabric "chew proof". A customer told me their bull dog chewed his stainless steel water bowl into a ball. This is a good, strong fabric that will hold up to most, not all, chewers and scratchers.

Denim:Our denim is 14 ounce pre-washed, comfortable, durable and 100% cotton. It looks like partially faded blue jeans.

Soft Faux Leather:WATERPROOF and very durable, these soft faux leathers are exceptionally sturdy, yet are extremely soft and pliable, providing comfort worthy of Max Comfort® world's most comfortable dog beds. It has the look and feel of fine Italian calfskin leather. This is not a vinyl and is made from polyurethane. It's half as thick as our regular faux leather and 10 times stronger. It will never crack and is very puncture resistant. This covering dissipates heat, so it stays much cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. It wipes clean with water. Soap and bleach won't damage it if needed.

Crypton Fabric:WATERPROOF and durable, these superb fabrics are exceptionally sturdy, yet afford a level of comfort worthy of Max Comfort® world's most comfortable dog beds. This fabric performs fabulously with waterproof assurance. This is soft and comfortable like the Microfiber Suede but is stronger and waterproof. This Eco-friendly fabric is stain, moisture, odor and bacteria resistant.

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