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Ceramic Tabletop Fountains

The Perfect Feng Shui Fountain: Many Of These Ceramic Water Fountains Feature Bamboo Accents!

Serenity Health has a great selection of delightful ceramic tabletop fountains with gorgeous designs and soothing water sounds. Our fountains will grace and beautify any room you place them in, whether it be in your home or office. Each ceramic water fountain is hand-crafted by a skilled artisan with unique features that make them true works of art. These tabletop fountains serve as perfect Feng Shui fountains for any setting with their ceramic bowls of many beautiful colors, they are very modern and rich looking. Many of these table water fountains have bamboo, stones or slate to add nature to your fountain, giving you the perfect accessory to your indoor decorating.

Bring the sound of flowing water into your environment today or add to your existing Feng Shui products with these beautiful ceramic water fountains. Ceramic is an ideal material for a long-lasting water fountain. It is virtually maintenance free, very easy to clean and will not discolor over time. Furthermore, clay allows for rich colors and textures that bring a calming feel, making it the perfect material for a water fountain!

Ceramic Tabletop Fountains are hand-crafted works of art. They are available in the best clay colors and textures, and are obvious examples of superb craftsmanship. In the hands of a skilled artisan, clay can become anything imaginable.

One of the most impressive things about these ceramic fountains is the artist's imaginative decision about what to use as pouring or trickling features. Some of the fountains let water bubble out of lipped center pieces, pitchers, shells, or rocks. Some artists have created pouring vessels resembling buckets, pots, or vases. Many of our ceramic water fountains have decorations such as bamboo stalks, slate blocks and stones to enhance their natural grace. Thanks to the use of submersible recirculating pumps, anyone can enjoy the calming water sounds as long as they like.

One of our favorite ceramic craftsmen is Nayer Kazemi. She carefully aligns each component in order to present a viable representation of nature, structure and art. The result is beautifully balanced. An all-time favorite water fountain is the bubbling vase. We currently offer the Dragonfly, Frog, Gecko and Flower Vase versions of this classic design. We also offer the three pouring vases - another classic table-fountain piece.

Another extraordinary feature about these ceramic fountains is their use of glazes. Some are nearly glass-like. Others resemble the finish of fine tile. Some are resplendently simple, with a soft, flat finish that looks as if it were created from clay in your own backyard.

Many ceramic water fountains have engraved embellishments. Be sure to click on the picture to get a closer view, and examine additional information to see details. Most ceramic fountains can be ordered in a variety of colors and sizes to add the best accent to your living space, dining room, bedroom or reception desk. Do not be dissuaded if the picture you see does not reflect the color you prefer. Simply contact our helpful staff to see what else is available.

Be sure to check out the entire selection of tabletop fountains and see the many styles and materials to brighten any room in your home.With free shipping on qualifying orders and a price match guarantee, you’ll get the best deals on the best ceramic fountains when you shop at Serenity Health & Home Décor.



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