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Bubble Hockey Tables

Bubble Hockey Tables Add A Touch Of Nostalgia To Game & Family Rooms

Bubble Hockey is a Classic Game!

Commonly known as rod or stick hockey, these games feature foosball-like rods which connect to hockey players. Players can "skate" across the "ice," pass and make slap shots! Most rod hockey tables feature the traditional bubble-style dome, which keeps the puck in play and adds to the nostalgic look. You will love challenging your family and friends to a classic game of bubble hockey!

Bubble hockey brings the action on the rink into your game room for everyone to play.  An ice hockey table like the ones featured here can provide hours of endless fun to hockey fans and non-fans alike.  Rods on each side of the table connect to model hockey players on the “ice.”  One or two players on each side of the bubble hockey game will push, pull, and twist the rods to move their model players and the puck towards the opposing goal. 

You might be wondering why there is a bubble enclosing all the action on the ice.  The bubble adds to the nostalgia of the game, as this was a popular style when the game first started showing up in arcade rooms across America.  However, the bubble actually serves a valuable purpose as it keeps the puck, which is significantly smaller than a typical foosball, in play and on the “ice”.  Without the bubble, the small plastic discs would be lost all the time and game action would slow down. 

The Carrom Signature Series Bubble Hockey table comes in red or blue, and is the most popular version of bubble hockey on the market today.  There may be other rod hockey tables that look the same, but this Carrom Signature Series is built of the highest quality materials.  Your order is safe with us and your satisfaction is our #1 priority.


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