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The Fountains of the World: Nine Floating Fountains

Posted by Serenity Health Editor on

The Nine Floating Fountains are Isamu Noguchi's creation for the World Expo held in Osaka, Japan in 1970. This was one of the largest and best attended expositions in history, with main theme Progress and Harmony for Mankind where showcased were the possibilities of modern technology to create a foundation for a high quality of life and peace, throughout the world.

Isamu Noguchi took the water tap illusion one step further and developed the Nine “Floating Fountains for this World Expo. These incredible fountains that look like they are flying in the air are not an optical illusion, but a good example of how to think differently and be creative. Even though these fountains were built over 40 years ago, they are still as fascinating as back then. Think you would agree.

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