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Sweet Pool Table Felts: They’ll Blow your Mind!

Posted by Chuck Gregorich on

While my wife is looking at cookie recipes and flower stuff on Pinterest, I use her account to look at pool tables. It may sound like a funny place to look at pool tables, but I judge a website by its . . . cover. Pinterest has a lot of awesome pics. Here are some sweet pool tables

Picture Courtesy of the Five Mile Club in Athens, Georgia

This pool table can be found at the Five Mile Club in Athens, Georgia. Designed by William Lamb, this is a manly pool felt with lots of dogs, ducks, and I think, guns. For those who take satisfaction in shooting and eating birds, this is the pool table for you.

Picture Courtesy of

If you search Youtube for this interactive pool table, you’ll see how cool it is. An HD video projector is mounted above the table, and the camera tracks the ball movements and feeds it to the PC which produces the corresponding effects. So, with this one, when you hit one of the balls, it moves across the table as if it were skipping across a pond, creating ripples as it goes. Other effects include fire balls, fluid, and others.

Pic Courtesy of

That'’s right, a pool table made of ice. Of course, this wouldn'’t make a good addition to your rec room, but it is still pretty sweet. Chiseled with pockets, drink holders, and illuminated for effect, this is a chilly way to play pool!

Serenity Health doesn'’t have game tables quite this obscure, but you still have a lot of choices for felts. In fact, the NFL pool tables allow you to promote your favorite team. It'’s a manly addition to your rec room . . . unless you’re a Cowboys fan.