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Reasons to Get a Battery Powered Solar Fountain

Posted by Serenity Health Editor on

Chelsea Solar on Demand Two Tiered Birdbath Fountain

Solar water fountains are eco-friendly, and they require less maintenance than their electric counterparts. With an electric fountain, you have to remember to turn it off and on each day; whereas, with a solar fountain, it will automatically turn on when the sun comes up and turn off when the sun goes down. Also, a solar fountain with battery power gives you the freedom to enjoy the fountain during the day when it is powered by sunlight as well as enjoying the fountain at night, using its battery power reserves. It’s a solar fountain which acts like an electric fountain, but without the hassle. However, there are many different types of battery powered solar fountains, so there are some things to consider before purchasing one:

  • Consider placement and positioning
  • Consider the battery use
  • Consider your budget and style
  • Consider installation
  • Purchase battery powered solar water fountain with AC adaptor.

One of the best features about battery powered solar water fountains is that it can be installed anywhere you have suitable sunlight. When the sun is not as bright as it could be, the backup battery will use the power stored in it. The power stored in the battery of the fountain is used to drive the pump.

Advantages of battery powered solar water fountains:

  • Solar power is free
  • Solar power is user friendly and safe
  • Solar fountains offer beauty and safety
  • Solar fountains require very low maintenance
  • Solar panels have no moving parts. With minimal care they last for many years.

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