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Product Spotlight: Outdoor Classics Cosmic Fire Pit

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This fire pit is made from steel with stars and moon cut outs. A spark screen layer is built into the perimeter of the bowl so that embers won't spark out the cut outs. The earthy finish is actually a natural rust patina which will darken over time, giving your fire pit a really regal look.

A safety ring is built around the fire pit to keep pets and or children a safer distance away, and the ring also acts as a handy handle to help you move the fire pit around when needed. At the bottom of the fire bowl is a built-in wood grate to help elevate the logs and provide simple positioning for fire starting. It gives the logs room to breathe and provides an air current underneath to help feed the fire.

It comes with all the standard accessories as well. A spark screen sits on top of the bowl to keep sparking embers within the fire bowl, and a fire poker is provided to move logs and taking the spark screen off the fire pit. It also comes with a cooking grate which is a must-have accessory. It allows you to grill a meal while enjoying an outdoor fire.

The chrome finish grate is simple to cook on and to clean. The slots are made close together to accommodate all kinds of meats of vegetables on the grill. The extensive cooking surface allows you to grill for many people.

Covered by a 1 year manufacturer's warranty, this fire pit can ship same day. If you're running late on a gift for someone, this fire pit can ship out quickly. A great addition to any backyard area! Check it out here.